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Choose the Best WordPress Development Companies

Wordpress is the best CMS (content management system) in the world and it CMS platform enables developers and designers to create outstanding websites. WordPress becomes a best platform to make SEO and Mobile-friendly websites. It is very simple, easy and cost effective CMS based web platform, which earned fair recognition in the web industry. Here is a list of top wordpress development companies in India; Choose the best company according to your requirement and get the best WordPress solution.

CSS Chopper

This is one of the best wordpress development company in India. CSS Chopper is development in the year of 2009. CSS Chopper is a privately held web design & development company.


Yarddiant is one of the leading wordpress development company in India. They mainly focus on their company to provide complete business software development services like website design, web development, fashion blog and eCommerce development and more.

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Reduce Bounce Rate on Your WordPress Site

posted by yarddiant 8 months ago
tags: wordpressdevelopment wordpress

Bounce Rate is the percentage of people who visited your website but bounced from their current page without checking out other pages. It is very influencing search engine rank factor, which tells Google a more about your WordPress website’s quality. Low  bounce rate, and that’s at least way Google will look at you with favor. The average wordpress bounce rate for all websites hovers 40.5% with content driven websites coming in slightly higher. The goal is to aim for around 50%. Decrease bounce indicates rate more number of subscribers, and get more profits. Below are some important tips reducing bounce rate on your wordpress site.

1. Enhance User Experience

2. Optimize Page Loading Times

3. Avoid Flashy Pop-Ups

4. Display Excerpts on the Blog Pages

5. Give Credible Headlines

6. Random Browsing is Healthy

7. Invoke Seamless Navigation

More about  Bounce Rate on your WordPress webite visit: Sitemap

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How to Choose the Best WordPress Plugin?

Wordpress is awesome wordpress blogging platform, it have 30,000 WordPress plugins available in the official plugin directory. WordPress plugins are powerful tools that extend the functionality of website. They provide some great features like security, SEO, social media, customization and more. Popular functionalities start as independent plugins and added into the platform as a feature. All of the plugins are developed independently and have little control over its quality. Some of the common problems created while using such plugins are: Eating up too much memory, Causing 500 errors, crashing the site, Making the site sluggish and unresponsive and resulting in the white screen of death. In this post provide some simple guidelines to keep in mind before installing a new plugins:

  1. Select quality plugins
  2. Plugin tips
  3. Use the WordPress Repository
  4. Read the description
  5. Counting the stars
  6. Compatibility with WordPress


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10 things WordPress developers should know

posted by yarddiant 9 months ago
tags: wordpressdevelopment wordpress

Wordpress is a great tool. WordPress powers millions of blogs and websites around the world. Wordpress is the most popular content management system and it’s quite easy to get lost. There are so many options, and sometimes its way harder to find the best solution than just fixing an issue. Well, let’s see some basic tips and snippets to help you some issues. The ability to extend WordPress to meet just about any need is a powerful motivator for choosing WordPress over other alternatives. Here are some tips to providing things WordPress developers should know.

1. How to use action and filter hooks

2. Know your .GitattributesDon’t edit the core

3. Don’t edit the core

4. The WordPress template hierarchy

5. Enqueue scripts and styles

6. Learn to create site-specific plugins

7. Keep your site secure

8. Choose the right hosting provider

9. Understand the WordPress database

10. Don’t develop without debugging


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WordPress Tips to Develop Websites

Lots of content management systems are available in online market. But wordpress is the most popular content management system for a website. It is simple and easy to use. Most important things you should consider developing a WordPress Plugin or a WordPress Theme. This guide helps to provide a good practice and it will helpful to beginners and experts developers that are starting to work with WordPress. Most of the series exists in the Codex, but it contains so much information and can be difficult to know where to start. In this article include following topics such as The WordPress Coding Standards, Remove Function Name Collisions, Code Comments and Security Tips.

  1. Theme selection
  2. Use Template Features and Functions
  3. Optimize for Search Engines
  4. Secure your Website
  5. Optimize URL Structure

View more about wordpress Visit Sitemap:

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How can you improve the conversion optimization of your WordPress?

posted by yarddiant 9 months ago
tags: wordpressdevelopment wordpress

Wordpress conversion optimization involves your WordPress for an increased percentage of visitors. Quick-loading site, high-resolution imagery, engaging story to follow and these kind of leads making a purchase, subscribing to your blog and it contacting you for more information on your services. Your ideal website using WordPress and you need to start generating leads. The SEO tactics you have employed will drive traffic to your site. However, the real labor begins when you have to compel this traffic to become subscribers, paying customers or followers. In this article include some tactics can try to increase the conversion rate of your WordPress website.

  • Optimize your WordPress layout
  • Design and test your WordPress to be mobile-friendly
  • Use white space on your WordPress
  • You should update older content

For more info about wordpress conversion visit: Sitemap

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How to Build a Website Using WordPress in Simple Ways?

posted by yarddiant 9 months ago
tags: wordpressdevelopment wordpress

If you are planning to start a website, then you have landed in the right place. Wordpress is the good option. So, WordPress is famous platform and its flexibility and wide array of customization options. WordPress is very user-friendly and intuitive, just about anyone can do it. Technical part of wordpress website isn’t very complicated. Clean up our wordpress, it keep website fast and steady. It means staying up to date, cleaning up, backing up and being on top of everything. Here are some tips to getting started on WordPress.

  • Define your site
  • Choose a domain name
  • Hire a web host
  • Install WordPress
  • Choose a WordPress theme
  • Configure your plugins
  • Complete your administrative pages
  • Publish your content. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Don’t forget marketing
  • Back up your site


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Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress

posted by yarddiant 9 months ago
tags: wordpressdevelopment wordpress

Making a blog is the easiest and good way to share your knowledge in worldwide and your wordpress blog can promote your business and creating money. WordPress is one of the most popular publishing platforms all over the world, and it powers over 27% of all websites.  In this article will share the best ways to make money online blogging with WordPress. WordPress make two ways to create your blog: It is a free platform and easy for anyone to start a blog instantly. It’s a good platform.  There are many limitations of this platform. I will talk about that in a minute; let’s have a look at other variation. This is also known as self-hosted platform. Host your blog on your own server. It requires a bit of technical knowledge and the advantage here is; there are no limitations here.

Some excellent ways you can monetize your blog:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google AdSense
  • Course and/or Services
  • Consulting
  • Paid Reviews and/or Banner-ads


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Role of WordPress In Online Magazine

What are online magazine? Online magazine or web magazine are the magazines published online through bulletin board systems. They can’t be bought in an app store. An online magazine, a blog and online newspapers have some common features, but can usually be distinguished by its approach to editorial control. Magazines must have editors or editorial boards who review the reports posted and perform a quality control function to ensure that all material they post meets the expectations of the publishers (those who are investing time or money in its production) and the readership.

WordPress is the ideal choice for those who are planning to start an online magazine. It is the world’s most popular CMS (content management system), currently running on more than 28% of all internet sites. Simplicity is the key factor why people choose WordPress. The New York Observer, URB Magazine, Marines Magazine, National Geographic Magazine, Ann Arbor Chronicle, Outreach Magazine, Smashing Magazine, Masha

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Most Important Advantages of Wordpress Development Company

Wordpress is a best blogging stage on the planet. Wordpress has basic and one of a kind blogging webpage favor unmistakable open source wordpress development stage. It is most broadly utilized substance administration framework. WordPress customization administrations get a stunning site that is made by the exceptionally experienced group of planners and designers.

Picking a best wordpress development services isn't a major assignment now a days. Heaps of clients pick wordpress to build up their site is give bunches of focal points than different CMS. The majority of the entrepreneurs lean toward wordpress for their business.

 Professional Web Designer

Your web composition is more alluring and guests won't remain around long. It will make the expansion of bob rate in our destinations and it may lose guests. The wordpress customization benefit has involvement to make an expert website page. Professionally outlined site pages make more business transformation.

Future of your Website

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