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How to Choose the Best WordPress Plugin?

Wordpress is awesome wordpress blogging platform, it have 30,000 WordPress plugins available in the official plugin directory. WordPress plugins are powerful tools that extend the functionality of website. They provide some great features like security, SEO, social media, customization and more. Popular functionalities start as independent plugins and added into the platform as a feature. All of the plugins are developed independently and have little control over its quality. Some of the common problems created while using such plugins are: Eating up too much memory, Causing 500 errors, crashing the site, Making the site sluggish and unresponsive and resulting in the white screen of death. In this post provide some simple guidelines to keep in mind before installing a new plugins:

  1. Select quality plugins
  2. Plugin tips
  3. Use the WordPress Repository
  4. Read the description
  5. Counting the stars
  6. Compatibility with WordPress


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10 things WordPress developers should know

posted by yarddiant 8 months ago
tags: wordpressdevelopment wordpress

Wordpress is a great tool. WordPress powers millions of blogs and websites around the world. Wordpress is the most popular content management system and it’s quite easy to get lost. There are so many options, and sometimes its way harder to find the best solution than just fixing an issue. Well, let’s see some basic tips and snippets to help you some issues. The ability to extend WordPress to meet just about any need is a powerful motivator for choosing WordPress over other alternatives. Here are some tips to providing things WordPress developers should know.

1. How to use action and filter hooks

2. Know your .GitattributesDon’t edit the core

3. Don’t edit the core

4. The WordPress template hierarchy

5. Enqueue scripts and styles

6. Learn to create site-specific plugins

7. Keep your site secure

8. Choose the right hosting provider

9. Understand the WordPress database

10. Don’t develop without debugging


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WordPress Tips to Develop Websites

Lots of content management systems are available in online market. But wordpress is the most popular content management system for a website. It is simple and easy to use. Most important things you should consider developing a WordPress Plugin or a WordPress Theme. This guide helps to provide a good practice and it will helpful to beginners and experts developers that are starting to work with WordPress. Most of the series exists in the Codex, but it contains so much information and can be difficult to know where to start. In this article include following topics such as The WordPress Coding Standards, Remove Function Name Collisions, Code Comments and Security Tips.

  1. Theme selection
  2. Use Template Features and Functions
  3. Optimize for Search Engines
  4. Secure your Website
  5. Optimize URL Structure

View more about wordpress Visit Sitemap:

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Google Doesn't Use Content On Non-Canonical Pages

If you have exactly the same contents repeated all over your website. That could be a spam for Google

But according to "Crawling time budget" concept

  • Crawl rate limit is designed to help Google not crawl your pages too much and too fast where it hurts your server.
  • Crawl demand is how much Google wants to crawl your pages. This is based on how popular your pages are and how stale the content is in the Google index.
  • Crawl budget is “taking crawl rate and crawl demand together.” Google defines crawl budget as “the number of URLs Google bot can and wants to crawl.”

The content on 'non-canonical' versions generally doesn't get used by Google. That means, if you point page X to page Y using a 301 or canonical tag, generally the content on page X won't be used by Google for ranking. So if page X has content about some content and page Y has about has continuation of previous, Google won't take the previous content and pass it to page B. So if you want to rank for the content, make it

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What is the best security plugin for WordPress?

According to studies 75 million websites were powered by WordPress. It is most popular content publishing platform because it indicates the popularity of the most user-friendly CMS.  Wordpress is the most popular wordpress platform all over the globe. Hackers are more interested in hacking WordPress based websites. Wordpress security plugins offer a wide range of features make your WordPress blog secure from threats. This plugins only secures wordpress. There are many things to consider in order making website secure, here’re some things to consider:

Always Keep WordPress, plugins, and themes up to date.

  • Use a good WordPress hosting company.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Take WordPress backup regularly.
  • Secure your computer and more.

In this article provide website’s security by introducing you to some of the very best WordPress security plugins and services around.

  1. Wordfence
  2. iThemes security
  3. All In One WP Security & Firewall
  4. Sucuri Security WordPress plugin
  5. WP Antivirus Site
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Protect wordpress sites from future security attacks

Malware is always a burden for wordpress site owners. Malware is a short form of malicious software normally installed through a corrupted file. There are certain tips to protect your site from wordpress attacks.

Backup your site regularly: Make sure that you backup your site very often.

Choose a suitable host: Quality hosting always offer an extra layer of protection. Shared hosting is considered to be less secure due to the number of sites on each server.

Update account passwords: This should be standard step after every attack. Choosing a strong password is a simple process. Wordpress includes passwords generator

Install a quality security plugin: Plugins can cover variety of security bases. Many solutions are available for various fixing various security issues.

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Important Elements of a Successful E-Commerce Site

Creating an ecommerce site is a very easy task. small or large your business is, a website is more than enough to take care of all your promotional needs and it is the online buying and selling activity. Ecommerce  website design offers great experience to customers. E-Commerce site, potential and loyal customers can reach you from anywhere and it won’t to attract customers.  There are some elements that every e-commerce site should have to stay competitive. The following elements are important for a successful ecommerce website.  

  • Ease of Use
  • High-Resolution Photos and Video
  • Mobile-Friendly Website
  • User-Generated Reviews
  • Special Offers
  • Wish Lists
  • Find-in-Store

VIsit Sitemap:

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 Why Should You Use Video in Your Ad Strategy?

It is an important question that whether the use of video ads is a good fit for your marketing goals. Regardless of the type of video advertising opted to utilize, it is quite clear from buyer and from the other online behaviors that the digital marketing trends should be utilizing video as one the best digital campaign.

Video ads get more engagement

Video ads are more attention grabbing, than that of the banner ads. This is nothing because online videos have the ability increase user’s engagement. Videos increases the amount time spend by the user on web. More time a specific user spends on your webpage; more will be chance to go to second page.

Video Ads measurable

Video advertising simply combines the motion and sound elements of TV ads. These days marketers are shifting mass amounts of their traditional media budgets to online video.

Visit: Sitemap

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How can you improve the conversion optimization of your WordPress?

posted by yarddiant 9 months ago
tags: wordpressdevelopment wordpress

Wordpress conversion optimization involves your WordPress for an increased percentage of visitors. Quick-loading site, high-resolution imagery, engaging story to follow and these kind of leads making a purchase, subscribing to your blog and it contacting you for more information on your services. Your ideal website using WordPress and you need to start generating leads. The SEO tactics you have employed will drive traffic to your site. However, the real labor begins when you have to compel this traffic to become subscribers, paying customers or followers. In this article include some tactics can try to increase the conversion rate of your WordPress website.

  • Optimize your WordPress layout
  • Design and test your WordPress to be mobile-friendly
  • Use white space on your WordPress
  • You should update older content

For more info about wordpress conversion visit: Sitemap

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Branding Through SEO

posted by yarddiant 9 months ago
tags: seo seo marketing seo branding

The power of SEO branding is its ubiquity, that leads to recognition, and ultimately to ‘buying’ behavior. SEO Branding not only boosts sales but also grow a business.

Most SEO consultants and marketers focus merely on the technical things like getting higher search rankings for their client websites.  They ignore all of the ultimate goals of good SEO branding, such as securing funding, finding investors or enhancing stock value. NYSE and NASDAQ are the two largest exchanges in the world. .SEO branding can help build recognition and trust for companies planning a stock listing on the NYSE or NASDAQ. Through optimized title and Meta descriptions good SEO branding, tells the story they want partners to hear.

We can build a brand without buying billboards by using SEO. Billboards are placed on highways and in crowded urban locations to brand a business through creating wide visibility. SEO branding wins over the effective offline equivalent of billboard ads because of one significant di

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