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Pest Repeller Plug in

posted by severusnab 4 days ago
tags: Pest Control

    THE ULTIMATE PEST CONTROL SOLUTION -Blüüm Ultrasoinc Pest Repellers offer the most advanced ultrasonic research based technology which emits special frequencies repelling any unwanted pests and insects! This device produces a unique ultrasonic wave that is able to irritate and interfere with the brain and auditory nervous systems of all pests (insects/rodents). This ensures the pests are not killed and minimises any unnecessary harm. This technology forces pests to leave your premises.    UPGRADED 2018 DOUBLE POWER IMPACT – The new advanced Electromagnetic & Ultrasonic technology in our device has more powerful impact on pests as per our testing. The range of ultrasonic frequencies accurately tuned to provide a wider reach in distance and high intensity to target wide range of pests. ALL pests including mice will be forced out of your home.    EASY TO USE - Blüüm Pest Repellers require NO maintenance,

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