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What is open source ERP?

posted by sebastianstan21 2 months ago
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The open source ERP is the act of solidifying a venture's arranging, manufacturing, sales and advertising endeavors into one administration framework. It consolidates all databases crosswise over offices into a solitary database that can be gotten to by the representatives. Open source ERP computerizes the errands associated with the business procedure. A common undertaking has numerous offices and specialty units. It is a decentralized framework. The principal issues related to the decentralized framework are,

• Numerous dissimilar data framework is produced independently finished at the time.

• Integrating the information progresses toward becoming time and cash-devouring.

• Inconsistencies and duplication of information.

Odoo open source ERP is a full suite of business apps(Open source ERP). It is available in different editions depending on what is right for you. It can be used for LOT of different industries.

Who is Odoo?

• Business Advisers

• Functional Consultants – the

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Advantages of Odoo Erp Integration

Odoo is moderate as far as appearance, however, the platform is great easy to understand. Any estimated enterprise can profit by this entire solution that is rich with a few highlights and functionalities.

Odoo is known for its simple to design nature. A considerable lot of the ERP frameworks confront issues with information consistency and business forms. Odoo integration gives better control of your business so you can streamline your e-store forms without troubles. 

Benefits of Odoo ERP Integration.

  1. Lessen the information repetition and mistake
  2. Synchronizes key information all day
  3. Permits to brisk basic leadership
  4. The practical open source framework
  5. Effortlessly adjustable according to your business activities

odoo paypal integrationodoo linkedin integrationodoo facebook integration

odoo sage integrationodoo integrationodoo sms gateway integration

Not at all like these partners, Odoo demonstrates a momentous change in the effectiveness while coordinating with different stages. Clients require not bargain the underlying favorable circumstances offered by Odoo in spite of what all applications are inc

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Which is the best Open source ERP?

posted by sebastianstan21 2 months ago
tags: open source erp odoo erp odoo

Open Source Enterprise resource planning (open source ERP) is business process administration software that enables an association to utilize an arrangement of coordinated applications to deal with the business and computerize numerous back office capacities identified with innovation, administrations, and HR.

One of the best open source ERP is Odoo.

Odoo, being open source ERP have the advantage of becoming speedier than some other ERP arrangement in the market. 

1. As of now No.1 in Open Source ERP.

2. More than 1000 establishments consistently, the most introduced programming on the planet.

3. In excess of 3000 other valuable modules contributed from the group.

4. More than 500 working accomplices conveyed in 60 nations.

5. More than 1000 dynamic pioneers in the world.

6. Support more than 20 dialects, including Chinese.

Odoo Features

1. Open Source ERP.

2. Most developed Modular Technology.

3. Adaptable Implementation.

4. Great Framework and simple setup and Fully Func

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Types of Odoo integrations and Modules

OpenERP (Odoo) is one of the most powerful Open Source ERP Business software for Enterprise Management, OpenERP (Odoo) is completely featured ERP software implemented by many organization across the globe.

Odoo is a suitable solution for small and medium companies. The good thing is that you can try it for free and check whether you like it.


Odoo can handle plenty of activities -implementation, CRM, sales, reporting, accounting, Odoo integration with many applications, etc. It automates sending invoices,

Odoo is a large collection of business-related applications, software development, and other modules like:

  1. The system supports up/cross-selling buy recommending products to clients,
  2.  Odoo LinkedIn integration and other Odoo social media integrations and lets you reach to more potential customers,
  3.  On top of that, the tool is very customer-friendly. Clients can benefit from simple instructions that guide them. They can also track pending shipments,
  4. The software supports such
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What is Odoo?

The word Odoo is the acronym of On Demand Open Object. It is also known as Open ERP was established by Fabien Pinckaers in 2005. Odoo is an extensive gathering of business-related applications and modules like CRM, Sales administration, E-trade, Warehouse administration, Purchase administration, Accounting suit, Manufacturing administration, HRMS and so on. All these essential modules all in all called as Enterprise Resource Planning programming.

 Aside from its fundamental modules, it has in excess of 14,000 outsider Apps/Plugins accessible in its application store. Every one of them is custom worked for various client needs. Today, Odoo is one of the generally utilized open source ERP arrangements in the market.

Odoo customization or execution are perplexing at times in light of the necessities and work processes of customers business, some companies additionally offer a choice to hire Odoo developer for the undertaking.

Do you want somebody who is really going to be part of your

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Bio Metric Device integration with Odoo ERP

Automate Your Attendance!

Automation is an implementation factor for a successful ERP. Odoo is a trending, proven & open sourced ERP in the world. Basically, Odoo has no default feature to connect biometric devices to get the login, HR attendance details.

Although, HR attendance can automate by integrating Thumb / Face detection device with Odoo. Biometric Device Integration module by Cybrosys brings this feature in Odoo community.

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Main features of this module are listing below:

  • ☑ Ingrates biometric device(Face+Thumb) with HR attendance.
  • ☑ Option to keep the device attendance log in Odoo.
  • ☑ Option to clear the device attendance log from both device and Odoo.
  • ☑ Automating HR attendance.
  • ☑ Option to configure multiple devices.

Do you need any further assistance? Odoo SupportRequest a Quote

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Beauty Parlour Management with Online Booking System (Odoo)


This Spa management system developed by Cybrosys helps your customers to do the online booking for using the service. This module integrates with other Odoo modules like accounting and website.

Another advantage of having this Spa management system is your customers who have done the online booking will get the booking information via email. By using an app like this, you can enhance your business.

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Major Features

  • ☑Online Booking Facility
  • ☑Accounting Facility
  • ☑Customer Notification Through Mail
  • ☑User Interactive Dashboard
  • ☑Customer Can view the Available chairs and order details
  • ☑Different access levels for Users and Administrator
  • ☑Track the chair user by date

Do you need any further assistance? odoo functional consultant  Request a Quote

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Benefits of Blockchain Technology

A blockchain is a continuously generated list of records called blocks. blockchains are secured with cryptocurrency, and every block contains a cryptographic hash of previous blocks. A blockchain is secured and repellent modification. The blockchain is an open ledger.

The advantages of blockchain is monitor and record transactions between two parties in a permanent and variable way. The blockchain is a peer-to-peer secured network structure and having a protocol for inter-node network communication and validating the recently added blocks.

Once a data is captured in any given block cannot be altered without the alteration of all following blocks. Blockchain requires secret of the network majority.Blockchains are secured with design structure and it’s a decentralized computer system with secure peer to peer transaction. Advantages of blockchain Technology are given below.

• Records management activities.

• Documenting provenance.

• Transaction processing.

• Identity management.

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