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Round Off Invoice Amount

posted by sebastianstan21 3 days ago
tags: Round Off Invoice Amount Odoo

Round Off Invoice Amount

The 'Round off Invoice Amount' app from Cybrosys allows you to round off the invoice amount to the nearest whole amount by excluding the decimal parts.

Main Features:     Allows you to round off the invoice amount    Round off amount is recorded in a separate account    Create separate journal entries for the rounded amounts, which can assure the amount is balanced.  

How Does It Work?  

Go to Configuration ->Settings   

- Tick  'Allow rounding of invoice amount' option.

 - Add the Round off Account(Journal entry corresponding to write off amount will be passed to this account)

Accounting > Customer Invoices>Create Invoice Now the invoice amounts will be automatically rounded.  

For Further Info: odoo support

Download: Round Off Invoice Amount

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Odoo 11 Magento Connector

posted by sebastianstan21 3 days ago

Odoo 11 Magento 2.2 Connector

This connector by Cybrosys Technologies allows you to synchronize the data between your Odoo and Magento. You can transfer data between Odoo and Magento with a single button click.


> Import simple products from Magento.

> Import configurable products with their variants.

> Import product attributes.

> Import product attribute values.

> Import product categories.

> Export products to Magento.

> Import stock status and price for products.

> Export stock status and price for products.

> Import customers.

> Import orders with status from Magento to Odoo.  

Further information: odoo support

Download: odoo 11 Magento connector    

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Odoo ERP Customization

Odoo is one of the quickest developing Open source ERP in the world. Small to medium to extensive associations can manage the cost of an ERP framework utilizing Odoo/OpenERP. With 20 long periods of experience helping clients in Odoo Implementation and Odoo Customization.

Odoo ERP Customization is one of the looked for administrations by business who are hoping to make their ERP modified to their prerequisite. With customization, numerous organizations have offered life to their work procedure. The staff love odoo customization as the framework is modified to their necessity and with greater amiability, profitability and proficiency are expanded ten times.

The advantage of odoo customization is, it can computerize and streamline the business procedure of organizations. At the point when Odoo ERP is modified by the prerequisites of the organization, it diminishes the likelihood of disappointment and limits the measure of re-preparing endeavors.

Cybrosys Technologies is providing the

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Blockchain Development Company

If you are planning to do some projects in the blockchain, you are at the right place.We are the blockchain development company With vibrant research and development experts. We can develop your concept in blockchain and deliver it to you on a turnkey basis

A blockchain is a database with user-disributed approval. In the event that you've at any point knew about Bitcoin, you've seen one of blockchain's greatest current applications. Through our workshop, you'll build up a profound comprehension of how blockchain functions and why engineers are winding up so intrigued by the innovation.

We'll begin by investigating current blockchain-based models, for example, digital currency, business arrange following, managing an account, and contract approval. Before the finish of our workshop, you'll know how digital currencies work, which rising new companies are as of now getting subsidized in the blockchain scene, and why blockchain records are viewed as the innovation without bounds.


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Sale Promotion

posted by sebastianstan21 17 days ago
tags: Sale Promotion

Sale Promotion is a useful application which helps you to set promotion offers on products and product categories.


There may be situations where we want to promote some of the products by giving offers. In order to handle such a situation, an efficient tool is required. This will attract the customers and thereby sales also increase.  

Sale promotion helps the user to set sales promotion offers on product and product category. Create product and product category based promotion rules and improve sales.  


1. Create promotion offers for products.

2. Create promotion offers for product categories.

3. Attract more customers.  

For Further Info: Odoo Support

Download: Sale Promotion

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Front Office Management

posted by sebastianstan21 17 days ago
tags: Front Office Management

This module helps you to manage the front office operations which include Managing Visitors, Managing Employee Belongings.

In Odoo there is no module in order to handle the front office operations. Any business needs an efficient method in order to handle the visitors and employees.  

For a better business, we need to record each and every detail of our visitors and also record their visits.   So front office management will help you to manage your visitor and his belongings and also the employee belongings.  


1. Manage visitors.  

2. Issue Visitor Pass.  

3. Keep Check in, Check out Details of Visitors.  

4. Manage Visitor Belongings.  

5. Print Report Of visitor.  

6. Manage Employee Belongings.  

7. Print Property Label.  

For more information: odoo support | Front Office Management 


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Beauty Spa Management

posted by sebastianstan21 17 days ago
tags: Beauty Spa Management Cybrosys

Beauty spa management is an industrial specific module that helps to manage salon/spa booking with advanced features and record automation.

This Salon Booking module provides online booking facility for customers & notification via email.

Major Features

> Online Booking Facility

> Accounting Facility

> Customer Notification Through Mail

> User Interactive Dashboard

> Customer Can view the Available chairs and order details

> Different access levels for Users and Administrator

> Track the chair user by date

  For further information: odoo support | Beauty spa management software


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School Management Software

posted by sebastianstan21 29 days ago
tags: school management software

Managing a school is no easy task. The sheer magnitude of processes involved can be overwhelming, especially if they are disconnected. And gone are those days when people used to depend on each other for even the simplest procedures. We bring you the latest school management software for effective school management, shortening every lengthy procedure such as fee management, student attendance, exam management and student enrollment. We eliminate every extra manual labor involved via automating every school-related paperwork.

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Odoo Official Partner

Cybrosys Technologies -We are Odoo official partners and it’s a key service offered by our company. We have cultivated many potential partners and clients in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and implemented hundreds of Odoo projects within a short span of time.We are offering wide scope of Odoo customization,Installation, integration and consultancy services without any compromise in quality

We are Odoo Ready Partners standing par excellence in Odoo implementation, customization and allied services. We do Source code sale, Custom software development, and Employee outsourcing. The latest research and developments in Cybrosys are being conducted in Blockchain. Our robust quality product and services are widely used by clients residing across in India, USA, UK, Middle East & Europe.

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Odoo India

posted by sebastianstan21 1 month ago
tags: odoo india

Odoo is an across the board administration programming that offers a scope of business applications that frame an entire suite of big business administration applications focusing on organizations everything being equal. Odoo is an across the board business programming including CRM, site/online business, charging, bookkeeping, producing, stockroom - and venture administration, and inventory.

Odoo India - Odoo is doing great in India, no uncertainty. Having said that, there are Low Coding Rapid Application Development stages, for example, Axpert(from Agile Labs) which is more strong and spare parcel of improvement time. On the off chance that you are taking a gander at creating and overseeing venture class applications, you should take a gander at low coding stages like Axpert.The Community rendition is the open source variant while the Enterprise form supplements the Community version with business highlights and administrations.


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