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What to Do Now?

The next key item to point out is that while these tax incentives are enticing, the important thing to do is, monitor the situation, and wait to see if these proposals to become law. While these provisions seemed widely supported in congress, many others did not. This means the proposed Retirement Plan rules could be dragged into the larger fight with the more polarizing proposals. Unfortunately, this means that if you were looking at adding an automatic enrollment feature to you plan in the beginning of 2015, you are faced with a tough decision of whether to move forward, or to wait for possible tax advantages. There is always a chance that the proposal goes through for the 2015 tax year, but if the proposal get delayed as a result of some of the more politically decisive issues, then you could miss out on these tax savings if the proposals are delayed till 2016. Of course, if you wait, there is just as much chance that the proposals never get enacted, and you delayed the auto-enrollm

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