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The Real Story about Americans Going Offshore by Bowman Offshore Bank Transfers

Reader Question today… An Internet Entrepreneur from the US is concerned about getting sued and wants an incorporation that protects against lawsuit liability, aka asset protection.


I am interested in asset protection I am also just starting out my business and want to do asset protection and plan for tax liability before it becomes an issue. Here is a little breakout of what I have and what I’m planning on doing.


I have some Adsense sites that bring in a small income – I would like to move those off shore (hosting, domain register, Adsense account, etc.) I had some issues with branded sites that cost me a ton in legal bills because they were registered to me personally (stupid I know I bought some domains in bulk and was assured there were no TradeMark or Copywrite issues).


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Bowman Offshore Bank Transfers: Start an Offshore Company

How an offshore company can lower your taxes


Is the price tag on this year’s tax return still stinging? Are you tired of a high tax rate eating away at your hard-earned business and investment income?


Bankrupt governments are waging war on success. The “lands of opportunity” have rolled up the welcome mats for business.


So, what are you paying? Is 35%? 40%? 50% of your income going to taxes? That’s an awful lot of your money going to greedy politicians who clearly don’t value your success. But do they have a point? After all, they’re letting you create jobs and build wealth in their country. Right…


If you’re tired of paying so much for the “privilege” of running a business in the west, and you want to reduce taxes and protect your assets, then it’s time you explore your options with offshore companies.


Lucky for you, you’re in the right place.


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Bowman Offshore Bank Transfers: How to Send an International Wire Transfer

Everything You Need To Know About Wiring Money Overseas


I’m getting a lot of feedback from people trying to send international wire transfers.


A reader wrote this week to say:


“I went to my bank branch to initiate a wire transfer on Monday. The teller had to call over the branch manager to help with the paperwork. Once the manager saw I was transferring money to Panama, she told me they wouldn’t be able to do the wire transfer. When I asked why not, she said because investing in Panama is too risky.”


A similar tale from another reader:


“I tried to wire money to Panama for a property purchase, and the teller told me they couldn’t do the wire because they didn’t have a branch in Germany. The Panama bank uses a German bank as their intermediary, but isn’t that what they (an intermediary bank) are there for—to accept international transfers?”


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Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants Review: Basic tips on choosing a good art consulting service

To begin, here’s a quote that has been familiar to a lot of people for quite some time, and it goes like this: “The ‘earth’ without ‘art’ is just ‘eh.’” Though it gives a little bit of humor, it signifies the truth. Art gives us a lot of meaning and it doesn’t have to be beautiful to be appreciated. But being involved in the business of art requires careful actions and thought.


Engaging with art often needs the expertise of a professional art consulting service to ensure more beneficial and positive results. Seek the service that is similar with Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants to greatly help you in your art venture. You would not have much problem in buying or selling an artwork for example if you have an art consultant besides you.


Each of us has different needs, so it might be hard to find someone who could provide all your individual demands. But with a careful research and selection, you could find the art consultant you need. The following are some basic tips to help yo

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