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How to Do Fotpleie Oslo at Home?

Call me crazy but there is no other joy like having your toes out in the middle of summer, but at the same time it can be sad to look down and see dry skin or rough heels. That's why you need a pedicure or 'fotpleie' as Norway people says it. That’s why Four Seasons Spa AS is here to help you get the perfect home pedicure, with completely natural products, perfect for smoothing and moisturizing your skin, like the very same way we do fotpleie oslo, at our place.So what we need?First you need to find a mild soap, like any regular body wash, for soaking. Usually a sugar scrub is great for smoothing away rough skin during a pedicure, so get half jar of nice sugar scrub ready too. Find your nail files, toe separators, clippers and your favorite color of polish, and that's it, now you should be good to go!

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Four Seasons Spa

How wonderful it would be get all beauty and body soothing treatment under one roof? Four Seasons Spa offers wide range of beauty treatment and massages. Following is the list of some of the services offered by Seasons Spa: MicrobladingVippe ExtesionsMedical treatmentsMassageFacial treatmentsManicure / Nail designpedicurewaxingbody treatmentsEyelashes & BrynTreatments for pregnant / breast-feedingPermanent EyelinerLighter Permanent Make Up

These are the some of the treatment and services offered. There is a team of highly qualified beauticians to perform these services. Our beauty artists are amazing at their skills and they are an exquisite designer of makeup and gives careful attention to every detail. Personality and vibrant excitement of beauticians at Seasons Spa creates an energized atmosphere that you cannot help but marvel at. They are sweet, encouraging and just as passionate as you are about whatever you are preparing for.

Microblading  bryn Oslovippe extensionspedikyr,

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Importance Of Spa Massage

Four Seasons Spa offer different type of massages and body treatment, visit us once and you will have an elevated experience with remarkable results. We exclusively offerspa massage treatment for our clients. We have a team of specialized therapists for this.Our spa massage comes to create the ultimate experience of relaxation. This gentle flowing strokes and tissue release help you achieve a mind/body balance, leaving you refreshed and relaxed. This massage includes medium to deep pressure which targets specific areas of your foot and penetrates deeper muscle and tissue structures. This is a great relaxation massage for anyone on the go needing to unwind their body pressure. This is not an ordinary massage, this is a world class bite-your-lips and it feels-so-good massage. We perform a wonderfully relaxing massage focusing the pressure points throughout your lower legs and feet. Our massage experts give special attention to nerve endings, connective tissues, muscles and all that encom

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Lashes Extensions

Every woman wishes to get the perfect, full and beautiful lashes all the time. Permanent lashes extension comes with single hair or bouquets are the ideal way to fulfill the dream of beautiful long lashes. This will make you feel and looks naturally good and like your own, the only difference is the perfect long and fullness. You would not have to worry about mascara and artificial lashes once you have undergone this treatment. Mostly there are three types of extensions available synthetic, silk and mink. Application of a full set of extension takes about two hours and can be maintained all year with recommended care and touch-ups every 3 to 4 weeks. Every woman has different lashes and depending on the condition of its own natural lashes the experts can only go to a certain length and thickness.How does it work?Single hair or bouquets eyelash extension is glued on your own lashes a hair or a bouquet at a time with a durable and harmless special glue. This is done with color and length

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Microblading is creating waves globally

posted by irinachen55 1 year ago
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Along with microblading, worldmicroblading also Lips tattooing, Eyeliner & Lash enhancement. Redefining the vermillion border of your lips is the easiest way to help you look and feel younger and confident. Recreating eyeliner that will give you a more youthful appearance.

You can also make your career in microblading by getting trained under worldmicroblading. This an upcoming trend in beauty treatment industry. There are various classes and courses are being offered and you have option of selecting most appropriate and suitable to your budget. You can get trained and start your microblading services also you can become certified trainer. There are wide range of options available to change your career and the way you see the microblading. Contact us and we shall take you’re the height of beauty treatment industry where you will make yourself perfect and help others to be perfect.


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