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What are the Fees for acquiring NBFC license?

posted by enterslice 18 days ago
tags: NBFC license NBFC Registration

For obtaining an NBFC license for a Private Limited Company with a net worth fund of Rs. 2 crores, you will require to pay a government fee of approx Rs 350000.

However, you will need to hire a highly experienced consultant that may cost you on an average Rs. 7 to 8 lakhs.

The advisory firm must be eligible to help you in building the business, merely NBFC license is not sufficient. You will definitely require an advisory that can help you raising fund. For the same, contact Enterslice.

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All about RCMC Registration in India

Any person willing to apply for an authorization to import/export restricted items or for any benefit or concession under Foreign Trade Policy needs to take RCMC Registration.

Documents required for RCMC Registration in India

  1. Application form where all the details are filed specifying the nature of the business
  2. Certified Copy of the IMC issued by the concerned licensing authority
  3. Copy of the bank certificates
  4. Details whether registration is sought as Manufacturer Exporter, SSI/IEM certificate
  5. A Declaration in relation to the effect on exports and imports in the financial
  6. Copy of the Memorandum of Association or Article of Association whereas the partnership deed in case of partnership firm.

Penalty for Violation

The Export Promotional Council may cut off or de-registers the exporter for a specified period for violation of conditions of registration.

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Partnership Firm Registration Online in India

Partnership Firm is the most suitable type of business structure as it is very easy to form and a minimum of two people are required to form a Partnership Firm online.

Partnership Firm registration is the complete discretion of partners.

Want to register Partnership Firm? Enterslice can help you in partnership firm registration in India. Without Partnership Firm registration, a partner cannot enforce its rights given under Indian Partnership Act, 1932.

In case of dispute with the third party, the firm cannot claim for setoff however the third party will be able to sue the Partnership Firm.

Requirements Post Partnership Firm Registration

  • Bank Account Opening
  • Intellectual Property Registration
  • Drafting Documents
  • Stationary
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Apply for Private Security Agency License in India

posted by enterslice 4 months ago
tags: Private Security Agency License

Private security agencies are hired by organization requiring security.This field is very crucial and relates to the national security matter.The application is required to be made to the controlling authority of the sate pursuant to the Private Security Agency Regulation Act, 2005.

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What is Collective Investment Schemes in India

posted by enterslice 4 months ago
tags: Collective Investment Schemes

Collective Investment Management company shall file an application to the board for registration in prescribed Form A along with a prescribed document and a non-refundable fee provided in schedule 11 of the regulations.Collective Investment Scheme and get registered with SEBI under the SEBI (Collective Investment Schemes) Regulations, 1999.collective investment scheme is one of the modes of saving among them.

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How to renew FSSAI Food License in India

posted by enterslice 4 months ago
tags: FSSAI License Renewal FSSAI License

The FSSAI license is valid from a period of 1 to 5 years depending upon the time period for which the food operator. All Food business operators also called FBO’s like the food manufacturers, transporters, retailers, wholesalers, marketers, distributors, processing and storage units.As per guidelines from the Food Safety Standards Authority of India.

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Enterslice - Top CA Firm in Delhi

Enterslice was established by Mr. Narendra Kumar in the year 2014 and has loyally stood on the demands of their clients from last four years. Our vision is to unroll through a process of vigorous change adaptation, with special emphasis on the knowledge creation.

Enterslice has recognized as one of the best financial, technical advisors and service providers of the current century.

Enterslice is Award Winning Legal Technology & CPA firm that helps the entrepreneur to register and manage their business around the world easily. The company has also put their hands into various registrations like NBFC Registration, OPC Registration, FSSAI Registration, LLP registration or Trademark Registration and many more.

Top CA Firm in Delhi

Enterslice advisory is your partner for your success and growth of your venture which steadily helps you to reach to the next level of growth. The achievement is earned through the regular professional training for our people and the independent “best practice” reviews.


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Registration of a company in Hong Kong by Enterslice

Hong Kong may be your best bet, especially when it comes to receiving money from your Chinese business partner. Company registration in Hong kong is the most liberal economy in the world.   Hong Kong is very simple and favorable: companies' needs to pay only 16.5% tax on all profit. There is also no tax on dividend distributed by a company.

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How to start a Company Registration in Singapore

Company registration in Singapore which allows to avoid unnecessary expenditure of time for studying all normative acts and requirements, is the possibility of remote opening of a legal entity.  We have prepared for you a complete review of the requirements for the company being registered and a detailed description of the procedure for registering the firm in Singapore online.

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Entrepreneur Should Go for Company Registration – Reasons

Businesses are choices of those who want to do more it’s not about making money that’s all about the Values and Services what you providing to this world. As an Alarming rate of population growth, there is much demand in each and every things because what world need depends upon you what your values products and services are based on basically you have to be Faster Smarter and Better for your values and services.

-- Chris Grosser


Company Formation & Enrollment

if you are working on your ideas with your team to make your appearance in the market for providing your services and products before this you should go for company registration because of it a process of enrolling your business under the Companies Acts and Laws with Government Guidelines.

Hence, it gives you the authorization of the Business in Market with all rules and regulations and the best thing is that you are in the knowledge of the Government if something unusual happening occurred than According to Companies Acts and Policy Gove

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