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Kiss cigarettes is all about flavors

posted by SaveOnCigs 1 day ago
tags: kiss cigarettes flavors save money

Kiss cigarettes are manufactured under license and under the supervision of Innovation Tobacco Company LTD, England.

hey do not smell smoke, but quite the opposite. Kiss cigarettes were created exclusively for women's lips and thin fingers in 2006. TWhen they are produced, hookah tobacco is added to the main composition. Wide choice of different scents will always accompany a stylish person. Strawberry, fresh apple, ripe peach, lime, caramel,menthol, exotic fruits and choco

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Vogue cigarettes - French preciosity

posted by SaveOnCigs 3 days ago
tags: vogue blue france lifestyle online shopping

Vogue brand is the standard of tobacco products for women. It is strongly associated with femininity and style. Vogue tobacco brand launched in 1932 and since then keeps its premium class. For a lot of years since then this brand gained huge popularity and is considered as a stylish accessory for young fashionistas.

Today, the Vogue brand is the embodiment of modern French sophistication. This is a style born in Paris and revealing itself in every detail, thought out to the smallest detail - in the design of packs, taste, aroma ... This is an impeccable quality that is so appreciated by consumers.

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Main receipt for saving your money on cigarettes

Main receipt for saving your money on cigarettes is simple: just quit smoking.  Of course, it is not that easy. However, there a plenty of methods could help you at this path. Such as medical and psychological. It is quite possible if you have right motivation for that.

But what should other people do? The ones who do not want to quit smoking and just enjoying it. Believe me there is a big percentage of such kind of people. Moreover, I am one of them.

Yes it is a bad addiction and so on. But I am an adult. I am mature enough to take responsibility on my decisions. So again, for people who want keep smoking but do not want to watch constant increase in cigarette prices there are online cigarette shops. For example at you can buy cigarettes online from famous brands for really affordable prices. Duty free cigarettes that are made in Eastern Europe or Central Asia. Prices and taxes are significantly lower in these areas, so you will save up to 50% of your smoking budget.

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Marlboro Fine Touch 

Futher evolution of Marlboro Gold Line is Fine Touch cigarettes. Ergonomic compact size and Less Smell technology

The brand designed a soft touch pack and new filter, while harmonizing it with the other Marlboro cigarettes. New solid filter provides more comfort to stub out cigarette. Top quality, remains along with a great taste. The legendary blend and mild taste of these cigarettes remains on the same great level.

Marlboro Fine Touch is a perfect fir to adult smokers looking for a premium quality, stylish design at affordable price. The price for these superior cigarettess at our shop is as little as £39.49 per carton with free international express shipping for two and more cartons.

Find more info right here

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Marlboro Touch - Superior Quality at Super low price!

posted by SaveOnCigs 12 days ago
tags: marlboro touch cigarettes

Well known in the world Marlboro Touch cigarettes offer many quality enhancements and a very distinctive design. It has a soft touch pack and firm filter, harmonizing with the other Marlboro cigarette types.


These cigarettes provide to the adult smokers quality features and a premium smoking experience along with top-class blend, with affordable pricing.


Following smokers’ needs, offers an outstanding “affordable luxury” price as little as £39.49! With free international express delivery for two or more cartons!

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Why online shopping is better than in-store

Online shopping gives you a freedom to place your order sitting at your home and track your delivery. You can shop even after a few drinks and no need to worry about going somewhere. Most of modern companies have online shopping as a big share in their daily sales. For example in 2017 online shopping in UK was worth more than 150bn pounds.

Main reason of course that it is duty free. We can see that duties and taxes are constantly rising and it directly effects on retail in-store prices. You can find tax-free cigarettes cheaper for 50%. Main value in retail cigarette price comes from taxes and duties. Because generally, pure production cost for cigarettes is very low. It is no more than 10% of the price tag you see at your neighbor store shelf.

Also online shopping provides you with the largest choice of any brands all over the world. Buying cigarettes online is much more convenient than buying for example a dress, because when you buy duty free Marlboro menthol cigarettes you exactly

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Are Menthol cigarettes worse than classic ones?

posted by SaveOnCigs 1 month ago
tags: menthol cigarettes online

In the 1920s tobacco companies began to add menthol to cigarettes for the first time.

Then a large number of new Menthol cigarette brands appeared, including American Spirits Menthol, Camel Menthol, Marlboro Menthol, Misty, Newport. English brands of menthol cigarettes included JPS, Lambert & Butler, Richmond and Sterling.

Tens of millions of smokers around the world confirm that they like the taste of menthol cigarettes more, because it can reduce the unpleasant feelings from nicotine.


Despite all other risk factors, there is no evidence that menthol cigarettes cause a healthy smoking person more harm than ordinary cigarettes.

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Best online shop to get tax free cigarettes - SaveOnCigs

posted by SaveOnCigs 2 months ago
tags: duty free cigarettes online UK

Thinking about saving some money by cutting cigarette expenses?

SaveOnCigs is the right choice to buy cheap Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes. You will get genuine cigarettes duty free delivered by courier service. All you need isjust order 2 cartons. For single order cartons flat £8.9 rate applies.

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