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PhD Dissertation Research Methodology Writing service - Phd Assistance

We write your complete PhD research methodology writing or develop the best research proposal that guarantee to achieve a better grade. Contact us Today.India : +91 8754446690UK : +44-1143520021Email: info@phdassistance.comVisit :

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Manuscript copyediting service - Phd Assistance

posted by JacobMartin 5 months ago
tags: Manuscript copyediting service

Professional copyediting and proofreading services for students and authors. We offer professional editing work who is struggling with their scholarly papers.India : +91 8754446690UK : +44-1143520021Email: info@phdassistance.comVisit :

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PhD Business Management Topics for university students

Selecting the right dissertation topic can be a challenging task for the doctoral student. Get Business Management Dissertation Writing Help at PhD Assistance with assured quality. Experience the benefit of relevant selection of business management dissertation topics. Be it any kind of dissertation subject including Marketing Dissertation topic, HR Dissertation Topic, Management Dissertation Topic, Economics Dissertation Topic, Accounting Dissertation Topics, IT Dissertation Topic, PhD Assistance provides expert service.

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India : +91 8754446690

UK : +44-1143520021


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Statistical Analysis for PhD Scholars - Phd Assistance

We support research analysis across a wide range of disciplines that would demonstrate all expertise learning outcomes of the topic, showcase intellectual ideas, critical analysis, evidence of original concepts and new design generations.

Contact Us: India Number: +91-8754446690 UK Number: +44-1143520021 Email: Visit Webpage: https:

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Choosing appropriate research methodologies for writing better research papers

The most challenging question that researchers often face is “what type of research method do I need?” or Help me with phd research methodology chapter writing because research methodologies that you choose can make or break a research project.

Guess the result in the beginning

What are you looking for in the end? Are you just going to collect and compare data or to find a solution for a problem? If you can guess the result of research in the beginning, you can narrow your available methodologies right from the start. According to the result you wish to obtain, you may choose either qualitative or quantitative or both methodologies.

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Dissertation on human resource management

PhD Assistance has best in-house experts who are trained from London Business School, University of Birmingham, JIPMER, AIIMS, Harvard Public Health School and various prestigious institutions from Abroad and India.

We provide the complete PhD doctorate guidance such as selecting the suitable topic after finding research gap, writing the proposal, complete research thesis support, and Viva-Voce Guidance to the research scholars. We strictly follow University Guidelines to deliver quality PhD Management Thesis. In addition to that, we exclusively offer Dissertation writing on Human Resource management, phd thesis in development studies, strategic marketing management thesis writing services and Linguistics Dissertation Writing Help

PhD Thesis Writing Help

Contact Us:India Number: +91-8754446690UK Number: +44-1143520021Email: info@phdassistance.comWebsite: http://www.phdassistance.comVisit Webpage:

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Big Data Analytics Companies

posted by JacobMartin 1 year ago
tags: big data analytics companies

PhD Assistance have 15+ years of academic experience to guide and support you on different IEEE projects in Big data and Cloud Computing. Our professionals are experts in handling various tools such as 1. Storage Tools-S3, HDFS 2. NOSQL-MONGO DB, Hyper table, Couch DB, Redis3. Processing Tools-Pipes, R, Big Sheets4. Map reduces Tools-Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, green plum, Apache Pig5. Servers in Big data Projects-Netbeans, Google App engine, Amazon EC2, beans talk

Top five breakthrough technologies on PhD in Big data_Cloud computingOur experts are also familiar in the research areas for master’s thesis on Computer Science/Information technology Big dataBig data architectureApplication of big dataCloud computing Semantic Web MANETs-OPNET, NS2, NETSIM, NS3 etc.,Machine LearningData warehousing Internet of things(IOT)Concurrency Control in DatabaseData ScienceDatabase NormalizationPartitioningNowadays, trending PhD research topics in Big Data such as Big Data analytics, drug discovery, drug response, bioinformatics, clinical data analysis, and public hea

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Civil Engineering Thesis Topics

A successful and impressive research has a concise and relevant topic as its foundation. The Choice of a thesis topic for engineering subjects requires conscious and clear focus. It is advisable for students to choose their topic considering the novelty factors. Our experts will assist you in formulating the reliable and significant research topic.

5 Top trending Civil Engineering topics for your project

  • Revolutions in data capturing techniques which includes integrated data gathering (such as drones and thermal imaging)

  • Water engineering

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)

  • Sustainable design

  • New materials



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Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help

PhD assistance (Research Consultant), is the leading pioneers for Mechanical dissertation writing and renowned among the students in UK, Australia, US, and Asian countries. We offers the best dissertation/thesis writing support for PhD students.

We have well-qualified PhD Scholars with expertise in all mechanical engineering areas as well as engineering software packages such as Matlab, AutoCAD, ANSYS, Solidworks, CES, Abaqus, SolidCam and CATIA among others. Our professionals provides exclusive dissertation support for Engineering students. Enjoy our tailor made mechanical engineering thesis help to achieve Your dream.



Mechanical Engineering Thesis Help


Our Exclusive benefits:

  • Subject-matter experts
  • 100% Quality assurance
  • Plagiarism report
  • On-Time delivery
  • 24*7 customer support


Contact Us:

India Number: +91-8754446690

UK Number: +44-1143520021



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