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Factors for the growth of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry in India is highly formulated sector. It plays an important role in promoting and sustaining development in the field of global medicine. India’s homegrown pharma industry turns towards world’s generic medicines, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.2 percent to 230,000 Cr by 2015-16, the expected growth rate for exports driven by contract research was estimated at a CAGR of 16.2 percent, while the domestic market growth rate was at 12.50 percent.

Industry Trends:

  • The pharma industry generally grows at about 1.5-1.6 times the Gross Domestic Product growth
  • In a recent past, India exported drugs worth US$7.2 billion in to the US and Europe followed by Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America.
  • The Indian vaccine market which was worth US$665 million in 2007-08 is growing at a rate of more than 20%.
  • The retail pharmaceutical market in India is expected to cross US$ 12-13 billion by 2012.

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Modern Biotechnology in Vaccines and Diagnostics Applications


In recent news, genetically modified crops and products produce from it has gathered much global attention. But! Looking at our past it is clear that the importance were given to genetic engineering as far as modern biotechnology is concern. While in the present national and international market scenario, the major part of the research and development that took place in the field of "biotechnology" and cutting edge "gene technology" were mostly related to healthcare.

There are various biotechnological techniques used in modern drug development and medical treatment. But! In some cases, for example, "genetic engineering (Biotechnology)" is the basis for the development of both the process and the product. In other few cases, "gene technology" is used as one of the tool in the development of fresh Pharmaceutical product.

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Role of Critical success factors in Healthcare


This article describes about critical success factors (CSFs) influencing the effectiveness of medical service strategy, opportunities for getting the likelihood of success in healthcare marketplace and for importantly impacting the success of healthcare system (India) in near future.

CSFs are few things that must go well to assure success for a line manager, or a medical service facility, and, therefore, they represent those managerial or enterprise areas that must be given special focus to bring high performance. These factors include issues important to organization current (operational) activities and to its near future success.

CSFs should be given special care in order to bring about a strong effect and ensues the leveraged CSF in place. If applied and fulfilled upon, these items provide essential basis for impacting medical service segment greatly. These CSFs rely on a commitment, reinvention and innovation which include:

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Experts views for Marketing Excellence


Currently, product success in biopharma segment decided by company’s ability to prove satisfactory value in an accessible population. To be commercially workable, product must bring possible grounds to support the value they provide, presenting a positive balance within the clinical and non clinical does good, the financial and therapy burden costs. The information must give an apparent transcendency for a clinical requirement in contact with current choices and present this transcendency is worth the monetary value. Seriously, both of these areas are compelling recognition by both treating medical practitioners and those financing the new approach.

Making out perfectly necessitates biopharma to be more accurate when getting the brands in market. It is now important to work up commercial and the right enter in to clinical development as soon as possible and constantly through the product life cycle. This can be achievable when clinical and medical expertise is

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Sky fruit (Swietenia macrophylla) that helps in diabetes mellitus

A recent investigations by Indian scientists at the Jadavpur University (West Bengal)-department of Food Technology and Biochemical Engineering, claim that the seeds of the big leaf mahogany tree, that are used to treat diabetes (a major metabolic disorder) in folk medicines, are non-toxic and safe natural product.

Diabetes mellitus or simply diabetes is a major metabolic disorder of recent time, It may trigger major complications such as hypoglycemia or cardiovascular problems.

Scientists, says, “They have clenching evidence that the seeds of the mahogany may be a potent, non-toxic, addition to the arsenal of safe natural products for the treatment of diabetes.” Local people of East Midnapore, West Bengal, use a crude concentrated extract of its seeds for diabetes treatment.

According to the Utpal Raychaudhuri, of the Jadavpur University, “In the animal model-based toxicity study, aqueous (water-based) extracts of the seeds were repeatedly given orally to groups of Wister albino

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Few instructions to build a Product Monograph

Build a Product Monograph


In the medical research community or more exactly, in the pharmaceutical area a ‘Product Monograph’ produced (a factual, scientific document) that depicts the properties of a drug, its information, conditions of use for a drug necessary for safe dispensation and use. Formulated by the drug manufacturer, it may or may not be according to certain guidelines, so, it is considered as source of information about the properties of a drug. ‘Product Monograph’ prepared for new drugs, and it needs to fulfil the informative requirements of consumers.

A Product Monograph should comprise a material that conveys considerably with Scientific, Patient and Health Professional Information. The medical professionals and patients require accurate, objective and complete information on drugs approved for use to ensure safe and effective use.

The Scientific data of a product monograph constitutes elaborated data from:

  • Toxicology
  • Animal studies
  • Clinical trials
  • Ph
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Role of Physiotherapy in Arthritis

Role of Physiotherapy in Arthritis


World Arthritis Day was established in 1996 by Arthritis and Rheumatism International (ARI) and is celebrated every year on 12 October. World Arthritis Day is an ideal focus for organizations to raise awareness of issues affecting people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs) and for individuals to support campaigns. World Arthritis Day is a global effort to increase awareness of the many forms of arthritis and to call on individuals and policymakers to take action to reduce the burden of arthritis around the world.

Physical activity is good for our body and boosting our mood which is why the theme of 2011 has been set as” MOVE TO IMPROVE”.This movement specialist is none other than “PHYSIOTHERAPIST”. That is why the role of physiotherapist is significant in conservative management of Arthritis. In general, studies have shown that physical exercise of the affected joint can have noticeable improvement in terms of long-term pain r

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Analyzing the response to Medical Emergencies


We live in a country that is surging ahead in terms of economic growth, while surging ahead fast in our busy lives, we come across varied type of emergencies and we respond to them in weird manner, as most of us are not prepared for it and don’t know what to do in such an emergency situation, the problem lies with our education system, where we are never taught on how to respond to emergencies, Say for example: In an event of fire many of us respond in different ways, as there aren't protocols set in place, that would guides us, someone might call 101 Fire station number and some of us jump into what we aren't trained for, we Indians mostly have a trait with us that we jump into everything and anything without thinking of the consequences, may be because we are taught too much to help others since our childhood days. It’s so deeply rooted, into our minds that we jump forward to help a victim.

Though it’s good to help our fellow be

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Career options in Medical Affairs


The Medical affairs is a growing vital sector in today's bio pharmaceutical industry in providing hospital consultants, key opinion leaders (KOL's), regulatory agencies and healthcare professionals with scientific and medical information relating to the value and correct usage of products.

The Medical Affairs team consists of experienced physicians assisted by pharmacologists who have an expertise in nearly all most all the therapeutic areas of medicine. Every member of the team must be aware of the strict safety regulations and posses the ability to implement safety concepts into product designs. Team includes professionals from the core medical affairs areas like - Medical Science Liaisons (MSL), Medical Communications/Publications, Medical Education and Medical Information.

The role of the Medical Affairs (MA) function is to educate stakeholders through the delivery of accurate, complete, and unbiased information that supports a product. MA activities must

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Tips for SAS Programming Process in Clinical Trial


In the clinical trial process industry has adopted many standards and requirements in the clinical trial process. Clinical research organizations (CROs) are playing vital role for giving good support to the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology companies while reaching of global standards. These standards affect the entire clinical trial process. While conducting the clinical trial, CROs, pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology companies, adopt regulatory authorities standards and guidelines. Every country is having their own regulatory authorities. Globally industry is following guidelines issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and International Conference of Harmonization (ICH). Regulatory authorities define the requirements and expectations for a New Drug Application (NDA) and new treatments. However, many of the documents and regulations that the regulatory authority issues do not directly impact on SAS programmers’ work, because most

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