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Software Implementation Consultant

Any successful odoo implementation company implementation requires a perfect plan. Depending on the complexity of the project, it can take up to few months to years to complete the implementation.No business can risk the money and time. So, it is always better to complete all the pre-requisite before the ERP implementation.You realize that a highly flexible and scalable software solution will help to achieve greater success. You are ready to make the move to an ERP system.  When implementing an ERP solution, the consultant you select is just as important as the solution you intend to utilize.Here, we provide you with some important tips that can help you find an efficient software implementation consultant and make your business a success.


odoo Implemention company an ERP is a tough task and to make it successful, you need to find a software consultant that can lead the implementation to success.

We hope you found the above steps useful and it will help you to find the right consu

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Step By Step Guide To Install hyperledger fabric in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Hyperledeger is a collaborative effort from different industry leaders to frame an open source, Cross-Industry Blockchain expert  aided technologies. The project is led by Linux Foundation and industry leaders like IBM, Intel, Samsung and much more already became part of it. The movement basically aims to develop the distributed ledgers that can support enterprise-level business transactions. The project has developed a number of business Blockchain frameworks like Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Saw toot. Actually, these frameworks provide the development environment for business Blockchain expert applications.  You can read more about the basics of Hyperledger from our previous blogs.You can also learn the basic terminologies and components of hyperledger from here.Installation of Hyperledger fabric on Ubuntu 16.04 LTSThe Installation has the following prerequisites. Make sure that your system has following features before installation.  - Latest version of cURL- Latest version of

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Beauty Spa Management software in india

Beauty Spa Management software

Beauty Spa Management software :- In India a wide range of the spa management is done in traditional manual methods, as it is the 21st century and every field of business is getting digitalized its time to change these traditional methods, for this sole purpose we introduce you to a new software system of spa management that is Beauty spa management software.This Beauty Spa management software system developed by Cybrosys Techno Solutions helps your customers to do the all the services via online.

Major Features Provided by Beauty spa managment software :

- Online Booking instead of walk-in Facility- Accounting Facility to track the financial status.- Customer Notification Through Mail to make your consumers aware.- User Interactive Dashboard for better understandability and readability.- Customer Can view the Available chairs and order details.- Different access levels for Users and Administrator so that you can maintain your personal record s separately

Functionalities of the be

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Document management system (DMS)

Documents are the main part of any office and document management could be a monotonous work. When anyone thinks about document management system, the first thing is his mind is a paperless office. Nonetheless, Associate in Nursing archive document management framework doesn’t guarantee to create your workplace paper free. Manage the documents in a specific way helps to make the documents easily accessible and reduce your time for other work. Manage your data or information in the subsequently way helps to squander any extra time and space. The computer is the only device of choice when anyone wants to use any document management system.Document Management systems & software are easily available all over the world with different features and cost.

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Accounting Software UAE VAT

Is your Accounting software UAE VAT Ready?UAE government has just declared the new VAT policy. although the choice has been on the table for a previous couple of years; last week the UAE finance ministry created the official announcement. The new VAT structure is planned to be rollout on Jan 2018 onward. in keeping with the announcement, the planned VAT on product and services is five-hitter, however basic food things, education, health, welfare work etc. would be tax exempt. alternative GCC countries are believed to follow the step and implement VAT everywhere the GCC.

For information visit our website VAT ready.

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Custom software & off-the-shelf software

Custom software system Development also referred to as bespoke software system development, maybe a custom developed an application for the only use of a selected company. this is often totally different from off-the-shelf software system that targets the mass market. the explanations for going for custom software system development services and not off the shelf applications vary; for example, governments could prefer custom software system development services to reduce the probability of a security breach and virus attacks since information of the inner workings of the application won't be as wide referred to as off-the-shelf software system

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learn to install multiple instances of Odoo on Windows

Start Running Multiple Instances Of Odoo On the same MachineFollow these steps or execute identical .exe file once more and do the second step:1.You have already installed odoo instances successfully, therefore now you copy the folder of odoo (c: ? Program Files(x86) ? Odoo.10.0) and rename it with a new one.2.If running multiple instances on a similar machine first we modify the default port number (:8069/ )in the .conf. For that find the odoo config file (.conf) from c:Program Files(x86)Odoo.10.0serverodoo.confg And change the port by adding xmlrc_port:8010 (As you like)

3.Create a brand new windows service for the freshly created instance.Run the following command prompt:sc create binPath= “c:Program Files(x86)Odoo.10.0 – copyservicewin32_service.exe”

4.The new service will be created and you'll install it from the windows services.Open the windows services and search the new odoo service, choose it and begin it by clicking the start

5.Please note the startup type of the new serv

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How to install odoo on windows?

What ar multiple instances of odoo refer to? Suppose we wish mutiple Odoo installation on a machine in windows that is what we are saying multiple instances of odoo on windows. Let's begin with the installation process in windows.Odoo Installation in windows is simpler and faster in comparison with Ubuntu Step by step to install Odoo v10 on Ubuntu16.04 LTS. we'd like to install several dependent python packages and PostgreSQL manually in Ubuntu. in windows server simply execute the .exe file. it'll install all the elements like odoo and PostgreSQL and pre-configured for a similar server.

How to install odoo on windows?

1. to install odoo in windows. initial download the .exe file from “ ”

2. From ‘Odoo nightly builds’ download your stable odoo.

3. transfer the newest odoo .exe file from exe/ directory:

4. From the downloads simply execute the file and access odoo in your browser.

5. go to this link http:// :8069 and explore the odoo.

6. also from the Ru

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Purchase management module

Main options of Odoo Purchase Management ModuleEasy & quick1. trendy user interfaceThe quick user interface is intended to permit the user to quickly and simply access the data.2. FlexibleWe can simply manage single inventory or a complex multi - warehouse environment by activating totally differentfeatures as per our desires.Requests for Quotations -RfQs1. produce RfQs for your suppliers2. Send requests via the post or by emailWe can simply Send RfQs by email directly from the app or print and send them by post, all in only 1 click; within only a few seconds.3. Get offers for multiple things4. personalise your message5. automatise the methodOdoo ERP may be a one-stop resolution for your enterprise. Odoo ERP purchase module is integrated with inventory, invoice, accounting thus you'll be able to build the method easy, and correct. W e have 7+ years of experience in Odoo development, customization, and complete readying. we've got cultivated several potential partners and purchasers in

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Document Management System.

posted by CybrosysTechnologies 7 months ago
tags: document mangement system

Website managers ought to assign the subsequent document management system(DMS) roles for sharing documents on an internet site – Users, Reviewers, and directors. Once in situ, the structured advancement of a document management system, or DMS, makes every one of those roles responsible and to blame for finalizing documents. After all, it's the document management system(DMS) roles that offer distinctive content for websites on the far side what an easy content management system (CMS) like WordPress can do.

A generation past, there have been Electronic Document Management (EDM) systems that nominative document extensions supported proprietary terminology. except for today’s document management system(DMS)  roles, there aren't any limitations on what kinds of files these participants transfer and manage. Static websites aren't any longer comfortable as a result of websites area unit quick changing into the destinations for review of all kinds of content for compliance, legal or cluster

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