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Everything You Need to Know About Park Guell

What is there to see? 

Park Guell has two visiting areas.  The “Free Access Zone” is free of charge and open to the public and makes for a pleasant walk.  However, to enjoy the bulk of Gaudi’s architectural genius, you will want to buy tickets of the “Monumental Zone.”  In here you will find...

The Dragon

The minute you walk through Park Guell’s main entrance, you are greeted by “El Drac” or the Dragon.  This fierce looking, mosaiced dragon sits perched on a staircase and makes for a fantastic photo.

Hypostyle Room

Continue up up the stairs, and you hit the Hypostyle Room.  This was built to serve as the Park’s covered market.  It consists of 86 sturdy columns that reach up to a tiled ceiling formed by many small domes.

When and How to Visit

Park Guell is open year round with opening hours depending on the season. 

Only 400 people are allowed within the park at any one time.  When you buy a ticket, you are allocated an entrance time.  This is generally a 30-minute window.  If y

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