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Physiotherapy Near Me

physiotherapy near me in Douglasdale

posted by jovenbenx 7 months ago
tags: physiotherapy near me At Monique de Beer Physiotherapist we assess and treat every patient holistically, taking into account the physical, emotional and biochemical aspects. I spend the time to determine the root cause of the problem and to educate my patients on what I have discovered. I involve my patient in his/her rehabilitation by way of discussions, coaching and home exercise programs, which I tailor to their schedule and current activity level. I work together with my patients in order to rehabilitate them back to personal power, wellness, and wholeness.

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Synergy Health Physiotherapy and Pilates offers individual and group sessions

Physio Pilates is a powerful rehabilitation, and body conditioning programcombining the extensive understanding of body biomechanics from the physiotherapy discipline with the popular exercise routine of Pilates. Pilates is a great way to improve strength, flexibility, and endurance through the activation of core stability muscles. This stress-relieving form of exercise is taught on both mat& equipment. The Brisbane centrehas a fully-equipped studio which enables instructors to teach a wide variety of exercises, giving maximal results including Synergy Health Group.Clinical Pilates is a traditional pilate’s session combined with contemporary scientific knowledge& research. These Pilates sessions are specifically personalized programs in combination with physiotherapy treatment (as required), delivered by Pilates-trained physiotherapists. Physio and Clinical Pilates classesBrisbane or one-one session can help with the rehabilitation of chronic, complex injuries & illnesses.

The Brisban

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