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Why Do Kids Love Their Devices?

posted by monicajenner66 8 months ago
tags: education self directed learning

Before we get into fixing all this, you'll first need to understand why children value their screen time so much.



It's genuinely a rich environment. The evolution of the internet has made it possible to access any information in the history of time within seconds. Memes are the culture of today's generation, knowing the latest update in League of Legends is equivalent to celebrity gossip of the 90s. In almost every area of our lives, we seek instant gratification. Kids find it through their devices. Just with the click of a button or running through a 30-second map, they'll achieve a shiny new trophy. Granted, games such as Minecraft require an enormous amount of patience and planning. 

Variety and novelty are available with new Pokemon coming out every year. New champions come out every month and brand new gaming trends flood the marketplace each day. 



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