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What is Hyperledger?

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Hyperledger is not a blockchain and neither is it a company. Hyperledger is a project under the Linux foundation like other projects under the Linux Foundation. for example, nodejs are joined drone code and many more hyper ledger Is also an open source development project. Where peoples from all over the planet can come and help hyper latch or get developed as a software and as a platform.

Now according to an executive director of hyper ledger briain behlendorf hyper ledger is an open source community of communities to benefit an ecosystem of hyper ledger based solution providers and users focused on blockchain related use cases that will work across a variety of industrial sectors so what exactly does that mean well in simpler terms in analogies hyper ledger can be thought of as a software that enables developers all across the globe to develop blockchain based solutions for their particular businesses at this point some of you who are slightly versed with the blockchin technology might be thinking that they have platform like ethereum.

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