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Social Bookmarking essential or not?

Why, How and where to do Social Bookmarking?

Do you think Social Bookmarking is good for your SEO, Are you still doughty about Social Bookmarking? After reading this Entire post you’ll be able to find weather social bookmarking is for you or it’s not for you.

So, let’s get started!

Social Bookmarking is the way by which you can share your content and tell everyone that you’ve just posted something about something, By doing this you leave a link for your direct visitors like most of the big websites do.

        Yes, Social Bookmarking is Helpful tool SEO. How?

During my experience as a digital marketer at and I’ve seen so many results coming from no where to the top of page of Google; just by doing basic tactics for SEO like Social Bookmarking, Classified Ads, Blog creations, Theme base Blog commenting, and Some more.

When you leave a link on any website you’re asking them to come and visit your website, which is good, Isn’t it?

On the other hand, when Google crawl those Social Bookmarking sites where you have shared your link, It gets a strong message that your post is Shared so much by people on so many platforms which means your content is Valuable and Helpful for other people as well. When it happens Your post starts ranking higher on Google.

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