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Sai Baba's disciples and devotees claim that he performed many miracles such as bilocation, levitation, mindreading, materialisation, exorcisms, making the river Yamuna, entering a state of Samadhi at will, lighting lamps with water, removing his limbs or intestines and sticking them back to his body (khandana yoga), curing the incurably sick, appearing beaten when another was beaten, preventing a mosque from falling down on people, and helping his devotees in a miraculous way. He also gave Darshan (vision) to people in the form of Sri Rama, Krishna, Vithoba, Shiva and many other gods depending on the faith of devotees.


According to his followers he appeared to them in dreams and gave them advice. His devotees have documented many stories.


On 15 April 2010, in Wellington's Lower Hutt Suburb, Wainuiomata in New Zealand, a Sri Lankan Christian Developer was developing a new Subdivision, in his 10 acres of land.


While digging the field, a Digger found a solid object, about 6 to7 feet under the ground.


He stopped digging immediately and lifted this object out of the ground.


The Developer, on seeing that this solid object was the Statue of some Deity, halted further digging and got the Statue cleaned.


He then called a Hindu Priest to identify the Deity, as he himself was not sure about it.


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