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How to Trade in Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)

How to Trade in Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)

MCX, as you all know is one of the leading commodity exchanges of India. Someone has put trading in the right words: “Trade what you see, not what you think”. Nowadays, everyone is looking for different methods to invest their money so that they can get good returns. But most of them are still struggling with questions like where to invest? When to invest? And how much amount to invest?

Read on to know how investment in commodity trading can give you good returns on your investment.

Trading in MCX Bullion market

It involves precious metals like gold & silver. Though there are other metals also such as platinum and palladium that are traded in markets butthe majority of the people trade in gold & silver only. You can opt for Mcx tips also to trade in this market. Points to be taken care in bullion trading are:

  • It involves detailed study of inflation, interest rates, market trends, productivity, GDP. Along with MCX tips you need to understand these indicators to survive in this market.
  • As compared to the gold market, the silver market is much smaller in terms of value. So, apart from MCX gold tips, you need to look at the supply and demand factor.
  • Though there are providers that offer you 99% accurate commodity tips it is always good to understand market trends, price movements to speculate the future price.


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