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How to Achieve Best Results Using Oils?

posted by natashadogre 9 months ago
  • Massage your penis in an outward direction at least twice a day, for 30 days or more to control premature ejaculation.
  • Pour a few drops of oils onto the base of your penis and massage it from the base to the tip twice a day for stronger erections.
  • Wrap a warm, damp cloth around the organ and leave it for five minutes. Unwrap the cloth and pour at least 5 to 10 drops of oil onto the penis. Massage your organ gently, using the jelqing technique. In case you did not know, jelqing is a method of massaging the penis with your index finger and thumb joined in a circle formation. Pass your penis through this circle and move your fingers from the base to the tip, while applying a little pressure. Repeat the movement for next ten minutes twice a day for a month. It will help increase your penile length.

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