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And when they were only going to use

posted by StevenCao 3 days ago

They memed on it so tough that Jagex is now completely altering the armor's design. Virtually all of Old School Runescape's updates undergo participant polls, but that is the buy OSRS gold first time a suit of armor was forged in a fire of memes.It got so bad that a few players started to seriously believe a meme the updated armor was by another artist, which the artist that left the prototypes had abandoned Jagex. But then something amazing occurred. Even as memes blotted out sunlight, slowly but surely serious suggestions started to shine through. It started with crude Photoshop jobs, but shortly proper illustrations and fan art began to crop up. Players RuneScape gold rallied around the idea of a milder, blessed armor set inspired by the Runescape god Saradomin, so they moved back to West's prototype designs and made a few changes.

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