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The Divisibility of Bitcoin – Eric Grill

When the last bitcoin is mined, around the year 2140, there will be 20,999,999.9769, rounded off to 21 million, bitcoins in circulation. This seems a way small number of units given that Bitcoin aspires to be not only a mainstream currency but also one that covers the entire globe.

Indeed, nearly every bitcoin enthusiast, user or critic has asked, at one time or another, whether 21 million bitcoins are enough to facilitate hundreds of millions of transactions that take place both within and across international boundaries per hour.

There is enough bitcoin for 16 billion human beings

This question seems even more credible when you consider that, aside from the growing adoption of bitcoin, the world’s population is steadily on the increase. According to projections published by the Science Magazine, Earth will be home to close to 16 billion people by the year 2140.

Having 10% of that population using bitcoin first will require close to two billion wallets, assuming each user will have only one wallet. That is about 1000% more than the number of bitcoins in circulation.

So, are 21 million bitcoins sustainable in such a world?


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