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Why do we need a prescription from physicians?

Why do we need a prescription...?

Why do we need a prescription from a physician for some medicament and not for others? It is a fact that comes a point in everybody's life when who needs a medical help. At that situations it turns vital to take prescription medicines in order to recover from the health problems. Often while buying drugs, a thought comes up that, why we should prefer medications that are prescribed by the medical practitioners.

The answer here for this question (?) is that, certain drugs that are listed under schedules, can be consumed only when you have a doctors consultation and their prescription.

The United States Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (abbreviated as FFDCA, FDCA, or FD&C) is a set of laws passed by Congress in 1938 giving authority to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to oversee the safety of food, drugs and cosmetics. The FD&C Act and later amendments, established the current system of drug regulation. It set up classes of drugs and th

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Follow simple steps to provide great patients service

When patients talk about what they see as a good experience at medical centre, the doctor's diagnosis of their problem may be less of a factor than whether the waiting hall seating provisions are well off. Therefore, medical practitioners are well suggested that when it comes to keeping patients satisfied, they look at the whole patient experience:

From a phone call (to make a appointment with a doctor)

To entering the consultation room &

Everything that takes place before they walk out to assure that a medical consultation is as grateful as possible. Otherwise, medical practice could fail to attract or keep back patients and also get impact on patient satisfaction, which can define how much it gets paid.


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