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Top benefits of marketplace businesses


The following are some key advantages of running your very own Peer to Peer marketplace Platform

Revenue Model

Marketplace owners can pick an income stream that best suits their market specialty and aligns with their business objectives. Participation/membership model is the best alternative for repeating revenue. 


A marketplace’s essential source of income is usually commissioning that it receives from sales. This requires a high degree of business process computerization. 

Efficiency of software

The estimated cost of a marketplace application's launch is as same as the cost of launching an e-commerce website. the centered logic behind an e-marketplace is to cater to the specific needs of every vendor through its functionality.

Value proposition

Using marketplace platform companies have wonderful opportunity to handle their supply that does not need any investment in a physical store. 

A scalable business model

A marketplace requires less financial risk than

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Marketplace Script - MintTM

We at MintTM working on PHP script development like Marketplace script so you can get a website just similar to Task-Reddit, Thumbtack clone script, Flippa clone script etc. Our aim is to provide the best services to the customers. View more benefits and features of Marketplace Script here:

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Marketplace Script - MintTM

MintTM is a top famous company in India since 2012. MintTM is a one-stop destination for all types of information regarding our scripts, services, offers, latest happenings and many more. Currently, they are busy with developing daily deals website using Groupon clone. View more features about daily deals website:

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