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One of the challenges that healthcare players may confront is attrition of employees in the recruitment process. Short listed members may move away from the application process for various reasons :

  • disinterest in the organization,
  • other job opportunities' at a time,
  • they think that recruitment process is unfair..and so on.

All of these reasons can be result of tediously protracted recruitment process; members who are put in "holding practice" in certain levels of process may have the feeling that the employer is not evaluating or respecting them as an employee, and, as a matter of that they move away from the recruitment process. Furthermore, it is a reality that these members are looking for other job opportunities' and interviewing with various companies. Other players that are able to process jobseekers faster have the upper hand since they can provide opportunities' to the jobseekers ahead other parties. Overall, it makes signified to bring down time for the hiring process

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