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Postcards delineating a wide range of scenes were at the tallness of prominence amid the late 1800s. Postcards were an essential methods for sending welcome to companions and relatives, especially for occasions. The brilliant period of correspondence, as this time was called, finished by the 1920s. The Victorians in the late 1880s had changed the first Celtic occasion of All Souls Eve into a romanticized family fun festival. This change is reflected in the postcard creator of the day. Cute grinning tubby kids sit on Jack-o-lights depicted with adorable grinning faces furnishing them with an identity and feeling of having human qualities. Dark felines that in prior circumstances were related with witchcraft were portrayed in postcard creator when the new century rolled over as sweet cuddly animals. They were demonstrated being held by grinning youngsters. Indeed, even the witch was given another way of life as an appealing grinning female communicating messages of adoration.

 Ellen Cla

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