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The university policy is that you will receive prompt feedback and grade on your work within 20 working days of the submission date.  Exceptionally where this is not achievable (for example due to staff sickness) you will be notified as soon as possible of the revised date and the reasons behind the change.

The policy also states that final grades are available after 20 working days.

Submission Date 9th July 2018 before 10am
Feedback Date 6th August 2018
Details of how to access the feedback BREO unit shell

Assignment Brief

Outline plan for assessment 1

For assessment 1 (20%) you will be provided with a set of 5 questions relating to themes contained in the syllabus content. These will be given out during class 2 weeks prior to submission.



  • This is an individual report of 500 words
  • Reports should be submitted electronically through EMA on the BREO course webpage.
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Unit -26 Facilitating Change in Health and Social Care Management

Unit Leader Name Internal Verifier Name
Date of Issue 14th May 2018
Date of Submission  4th August 2018


Coursework Rules and Regulations
Plagiarism – the College takes plagiarism and academic misconduct seriously and therefore, suspected plagiarism will be investigated and if found to have occurred will be dealt with according to the procedures set down by the College. Please see your Student Handbook for further details of course of action for plagiarism issue.


‘Plagiarism’ is presenting somebody else’s work as your own. It includes copying information directly from the Web or books without referencing the material; submitting joint coursework as an individual effort; copying another student’s coursework; stealing coursework from another student and submitting it as your own work.

Student Declaration – all coursework submission will need to bear a declaration signed by you.

Submission Regulations


  • For any late submission wit
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MBA506 Thinking Styles, Negotiation

MBA506 Thinking Styles, Negotiation

Assessment InformationSubject Code: MBA506Subject Name: Thinking Styles, Negotiation and Conflict ManagementAssessment Title: Negotiation Role Play & Summary 1Weighting: 30%Total Marks: 30Due Date: Monday of Week 8, 11.55 pm AEST.Assessment Description. ..You will engage in a negotiation for the sale and purchase of a commercial asset such as a business or a piece of real estate.You may be nominated to represent the vendor and will receive email instructions from the vendor company CEO including:1. Appointment to represent the company as their agent for the sale of the commercial asset;2. Specific details about the commercial asset;3. Information about the status of current negotiations with an alternative potential purchaser;4. Information about a new potential purchaser;5. Contact details of the agent appointed to represent the purchaser.Alternatively, you may be nominated to represent the purchaser and will receive email instructions from the pur

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Marketing Strategies Assignment

Marketing Strategies Assignment

Report Style:Choose a company and critically analyse its current marketing strategies and market performance . Consider the company’s positon against its main competitor and discuss the successes and failures of this selected company and its marketing approach in competing in this marketplace. You are required to integrate at least 4 key theories you have learned throughout your Marketing qualification into thisanalysis.Submit a 2000 word individual PDF version of your report on turnitin.? Minimum of 12 credible sources including journal articles, books and supporting industry/professional references.? References from lecture and tutorial slides are not considered credible references.Assessment Details:Please focus on the following four themes.(1) Conduct a situational analysis of the selected company(2) Compare and contrast the marketing mix strategies of this company as identified in task 1 with oneof its main competitors.(3) Critically analyse the su

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BSBFIM501 Diploma of Leadership and Management Assignment Help

BSBFIM501 Diploma of Leadership and Management

Details of AssessmentTerm and Year 1, 2017 Time allowed 8 Assessment No 2 Assessment Weighting 40%Assessment Type AssignmentDue Date Week No. 2 Room TBADetails of SubjectQualification BSBFIM501 Diploma of Leadership and ManagementSubject Name Managing FinanceDetails of Unit(s) of competencyUnit Code (s) and Names BSBFIM501A Manage Budgets and Financial PlansDetails of StudentStudent NameCollege Student IDStudent Declaration: I declare that the work submitted is my own, and has not been copied or plagiarised from any person or source. Signature: ___________________________

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Nursing Assignment Help

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