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McAfee Total Protection 2018 - All in One Protection

McAfee Total Protection 2018 offers excellent security and password management for all your devices. 

Key Features And Benefits

  1.  Firewall: It filters the information that comes through your internet/network connection to your devices. It always protects you and your devices by examining each piece of information that flows between your devices and the Internet.
  2.  Performance and PC Optimization Tool: It deletes unnecessary temporary internet files that slow down your PC with McAfee QuickClean tool.
  3. Automatic Updates: It automatically updates your software, as long as you allow it. Whenever you run a scan, McAfee will also check for any updates.
  4. Parental Control: this security feature helps you to monitor your children online activity. The security programs blocks sites which you feel unnecessary and inappropriate for your children.
  5. Password Manager: with this feature, you don't need to remember all the important passwords. You can keep saving all important passwords in your syst
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How to Verify & Stop Intruder from Accessing a Wi-Fi Network?

With the low security in the Wi-Fi routers, it is possible that someone else could use the Wi-Fi connectivity and access other people details. Here in this blog by ESET Support team, we inform you how to identify if someone is spying your details via Wi-Fi connection.

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How to Identify the Phishing Emails?

Using advanced techniques, cybercriminals are succeeding in fooling the people with the legitimate-looking phishing emails. That’s why a number of online surfers are becoming victim to the cyber-attacks executed by the phishing emails on daily basis. But now, feel relax as the Eset Tech Support professionals have located the ways that aid in recognizing the fake emails.

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Important Tips to Online Buyers from AVG Antivirus.

posted by AlexHarry 1 month ago
tags: Online Security AVG Antivirus

Most people like this style of shopping; the only limitations it has is of cybercriminals always trying to attack buyers. Every time you explore internet for shopping, new attacks are launched to redirect you to fake websites. AVG Antivirus Support has mentioned some important tips to be safe from cybercriminals.

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How to be a safe Traveler with Trend Micro Antivirus Guidance?

posted by AlexHarry 1 month ago
tags: Trend Micro Wifi Online Security

Using the public Wi-Fi network on the go is a normal thing, but taking extra precaution is very important. Just take steps as mentioned by experts of Trend Micro Support to protect yourself immediately. Follow this basic guide and enjoy your travelling with peace of mind.

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Bug bounty

Bug bounty programs



Any bug hunter can join a program, report a bug and get a worthy reward.


With HackenProof you get a real-time notification information about a bug.


Proven approach to security: don't deal with hacking attacks, prevent them instead. Since there is no IT product that doesn't have a bug, there is a question: how can we minimize risks?

In 2017 Apple invested up to $1 million in security. As a result, vulnerabilities that could have caused a loss of several billion dollars and significant reputational damage were detected and fixed. Thinking ahead ensures a good ROI, doesn’t it?


We connect business with a community of bug hunters from different parts of the globe. Our bug bounty platform guarantees that various approaches are applied to identify possible vulnerabilities and prevent the threat ahead of time.

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What Will Be Tor’s Destiny In The Fight For Digital Freedom?

Tor’s Destiny In The Fight For Digital Freedom

Undoubtedly internet is one of the greatest inventions in the world, which is also an ideal medium for interacting with others. Tor is a software that provides the ability to communicate anonymously which is difficult to track the online presence of the person, visiting websites, dark web links, instant messages and all other forms of electronic communication. To know more about fight for tor digital freedom and rights visit


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Cyber Security Solutions & Services in Dubai

We are a Leading Information Security Services, Training and Consultancy Company and Secure your organizational with ORM Dubai information security services. We offer a reliable team to safeguard your private and important data.

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21,000 UK School Student Records bugged, Risked Students to Phishing

21,000 UK Schools are now at risk due to a bug that has been uncovered in an information management system. It was soon discovered that the matching algorithm of student records of the system is failing, producing wrong results when queried.

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‘How to Refresh the Security of Your Devices?’

posted by jackmart 3 months ago
tags: ​​McAfee Support Security Device

Want to find Mcafee antivirus customer technical support in Australia? We offer McAfee total protection customer care services through McAfee certified professional experts at very attractive prices.McAfee Technical Support

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