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How Does Ransomware Work (And Is It Still A Threat)?

posted by Nicholas471 16 days ago
tags: Ransomware Threat

With cryptomining taking the spotlight in recent months, ransomware has been out of the news. That doesn’t mean ransomware has gone away, however; it just means that crypto-based threats are a hot topic. Ransomware is still one of the largest methods of cybercrime and one of the biggest threats that business owners will encounter today.  Read More

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5 Key Takeaways to Prevent Yourself from Ransomware Attacks Via RDP.

Cybercriminals have been attempting to hack the machines via RDP from the very first time when Microsoft has included it. Unfortunately, efforts made by the hackers bring benefits for them and a number of systems are encountering RDP attacks. The worst thing to be considered is that the growing trend of this cyber-attack not just damage the systems rather they lock up them with ransomware leaving the targeted individual or business with the great depression. Let’s read about; what is RDP, how is vulnerable, how to stay safe against RDP attacks? The below blog by highly-qualified McAfee Technical Support researchers will provide you with a better idea about all these. .

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The Surprising Ways A Cyberattack Can Literally Kill You

When we hear the word cyberattack, we likely imagine an aggressive targeting of information technology, including the networks and infrastructures where it hides.

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21,000 UK School Student Records bugged, Risked Students to Phishing

21,000 UK Schools are now at risk due to a bug that has been uncovered in an information management system. It was soon discovered that the matching algorithm of student records of the system is failing, producing wrong results when queried.

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Ransomware: It’s Not Just the Ransom, There are Hidden Expenses As Well…

That ransomware strikes could cause all files and data to be encrypted and that you’d need to pay a ransom (in cryptocurrencies) to get them decrypted is known to all.

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