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Visit us For Cheap Piano Lesson London

posted by pianoteachers 19 days ago
tags: Piano Music

Looking for affordable Piano Lessons London ? We have best Lesson Teachers that come right to your home! Call us today at 07999 332 586! Our professional piano teachers offer private services to all ages and gets them performance and examination ready as well.

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LG WK7DGBRLLK ThinQ AI Speaker With Meridian Technology In Black

Bring the future of sound home with LG ThinQ AI Speaker. Equipped with fantastic features, this stylish black speaker will make a great addition to every home.

Smart Features:

This LG ThinQ speaker is packed full of cutting-edge features, designed to make your life easier. You’ll find the Google Assistant built into this device, where you can ask questions, set reminders and play your favourite music without having to lift a finger.

You can also connect this AI Speakers to other Chromecast audio devices or link up your phone and tablet wirelessly via Bluetooth, so you can enjoy your whole music library wirelessly.

With this amazing ThinQ technology which lets you control other compatible LG devices. Turn on your dishwasher, start cooking meals and even wash your clothes using this intelligent speaker.

Meridian Audio Technology: Meridian has teamed up with LG to bring high-performance audio to more homes with their cutting-edge technology

Shop Online Call us 0208-208-6999 or visit

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New Bose Soundbar 700 With Built-In Alexa Voice Control at Atlantic Electrics

Add to your home entertainment setup with the Bose Soundbar 700, Featuring an unmatched combination of sophisticated design and exceptional sound, this slim and powerful soundbar brings every thrilling moment of your entertainment to life. And with Alexa built in, all of your music is at the tip of your tongue.

With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, you're able to listen to music or watch your favourite shows however you like, without the hassle of cables.

With Alexa built-in, you can give commands without even touching the remote. You can request a song from integrated streaming services like Spotify using only your voice. The BoseSoundbar 700 uses a custom designed eight microphone array, so you won't even have to move from the sofa to get instant responses from your soundbar.

Find the latest Bose speaker 500, Bose soundbar 500, soundbar 700 and more product online at Atlantic Electrics.

Bose Soundbar 700

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Bose Home Speaker 500 With Built In Alexa Voice Control - Luxe Silver

Bose Home Speaker 500 fills any room with powerful sound. Experience wall-to-wall stereo sound from a single speaker. With built-in voice control from Alexa, you get songs, playlists and more at the tip of your tongue. And you have the freedom to control the music your way—with your voice, a tap on the top controls or the Bose Music app.

Key Features:

  • Fill any room with impressive wall-to-wall stereo sound from a single speaker
  • Millions of songs at the tip of your tongue with Alexa voice control built in
  • Play integrated Wi-Fi music services like Spotify and Music or connect over Bluetooth to play anything from your phone or tablet
  • Experience good voice pickup from a custom-designed eight-microphone array that hears you over loud music or across the room
  • Control comes easily with three different ways to manage what you hear-voice, tapping the top controls or via the Bose Music app

More detail or buy online visit at Atlantic Electrics.

Bose Home Speaker 500

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Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds – Tiny Earbuds at Atlantic Electrics

Say goodnight and sweet dreams to snoring, traffic and other distractions that prevent you from getting a good night's sleep.



With comfortable ear tips and soothing sounds, the Bose noise masking sleepbudsare engineered to drown out noise so you can fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed and ready to take on a new day.


Key Features:

  • Noise masking sleep buds deliver soothing sounds that have been optimally tuned to drown out unwanted noise
  • Super tiny sleep buds stay comfortably in place all night long, even if you sleep on your side. Includes Stay Hear+ Sleep tips in small, medium and large sizes
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 16 hours of use for deep, peaceful sleep
  • The Bose Sleep app makes it easy to select your soothing sound, control the volume, set an alarm and choose how long you want your sleep buds to play
  • Compact and convenient storage case keeps your sleep buds safe, charged and ready for next time. Provides
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Sonos Beam - The Smart Compact Soundbar with Alexa Voice Control in Black

Sonos Beam Compact Soundbar  Sonos bills the Beam as a "3-in-1" proposition, marrying great audio with voice control and compact dimensions. And it's certainly hard to argue on that last premise.  

The  Sonos Beam Compact Soundbar measures 65cm wide x 10cm deep x 6.85cm high, and weighs just 2.8kg. This makes it around 60% smaller by volume than the Playbar.  

Key Features:

  • Listen to music, TV, movies and more.
  • Immersive, theater-quality sound.
  • Thoughtfully designed for your home.
  • Easy voice control with [voice service partner]
  • Simple to set up.
  • Better over time.
  • Sound for your whole home
  • AirPlay-compatible, Ask Siri

More detail or buy online visit at Atlantic Electrics.

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Kef Ci160ER Ultra Thin Bezel Dolby Atmos 6.5inch In Ceiling Speaker - Pair

Heard but not seen, with unprecedented value and performance, Kef Ci160ER Dolby Atmos In Ceiling Speaker is designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards as all KEF's architectural offerings and features KEF's famed Uni-Q driver technology.

KEF's Uni-Q driver enables the mid-range and tweeter to act as a single point source. This patented technology allows the listener to sit anywhere in the room and still enjoy KEF's world-renowned sound and clarity without having to be positioned in the narrow "sweet-spot" found with conventional speaker designs.

Now buy in 3 interest free payments of £99.67 with ClearPay at Atlantic Electrics.


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Download Free Indian Ringtones for iPhone and Android

posted by cellbeat 5 months ago
tags: india music iphone android

If you are a fan of indian music, then browse now and download Free Indian Ringtones for iphone and Android. We provide all latest ringtones with good quality mobile sounds.



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KEF Space One Porsche Design Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone now at Atlantic Electrics

The KEF Space One  Porsche Design wireless noise cancelling headphones feature Active Noise Cancellation specially tuned to preserve Hi-Fi integrity, giving you the perfect environment to savour every musical nuance wherever you go.

Listen for up to 30 hours of playtime with the noise cancelling turned on. The iconic Porsche Design styling imbues SPACE ONE with a powerful presence.

More detail or buy KEF product online visit at Atlantic Electrics.

KEF SPACE ONE Porsche Design Wireless Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Headphones (2)

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KEF MOTION ONE Porsche Design Bluetooth In-Ear Headphone

Listen to music the way you want to with the Kef Motion One Bluetooth wireless headphones. Enjoy up to 10 hours of play time, and recharge easily with the MOTION ONE's USB charging cable.

IPX5 water resistance certified, meaning rain, sweat, and water spray are not an issue. Wirelessly connect to the KEF MOTION ONE via Bluetooth Qualcomm aptXTM for CD-like quality sound.

More product detail or buy online visit at Atlantic Electrics.

KEF MOTION ONE Porsche Design Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones - Black (1)

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