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posted by musgrovemusictv 8 months ago
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What does it take to make a record in terms of equipment? A four track? A Mac Pro? An SSL4000E? The Analogue suite at Garnish School of Sound? What people use and how they use is of course crucial to the quality and type of dance music production that's made. The equipment heavily dictates many of the attributes of the music that's created, probably far more than many people realise. It was commented by one well known electronic music producer that "I realised that I was getting bored with a lot of the music I was hearing; everything seemed to sound the same structurally. After a while I realised it was because the first, and often the following sections of a piece of music were all the size of the default Pro-tools window." Case solved it seems. Similar occurrences are frequent such as the abundance of house tracks that many labels receive all being at the default Logic 120 beats-per-minute tempo. This is even before having to get started on the continuous use of presets that come wit

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