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Liquid Level Sensors

Liquid Level Transmitter

Looking for Liquid Level Transmitter & Accessories? Icon Process Controls takes pride to offer highest quality Heavy duty Industrial Liquid Level Sensors, Pressure Level Transmitters, Radar Level transmitters, Flow Display Controllers, & much more. Call us now + 1 905 469 9283

Levelpro Series Liquid Level Sensors are manufactured for years of trouble free service in tough industrial applications. The Levelpro transmitter measures the height of liquid above the position of the sensing diaphragm of the transmitter located inside the tank referenced to atmospheric pressure. The transmitter consists of a ceramic piezo-resistive sensing element, encased in PVC, PVDF, PP, or 316 SS housing.

Levelpro Liquid Level transmitters are the types of sensors which can detect the best level under a layer of airy foam. These Liquid Level Sensors are critically used in the commercial and industrial process for accurate measurements of liquid volumes at any point in a container, & these are excelle

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Liquid Level Transmitters

Icon pro controls is a manufacturer of thermoplastic submersible tank level sensors, Liquid Level Transmitters ultrasonic tank level sensors, and radar tank level sensors, and successfully serving many industrial processes. Tank level sensor is perfect for customers who need to monitor tank level in an application where foam, vapor, turbulence or condensations are present.

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