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Keyvan Shovir

Keyvan Shovir Raped My 14 Years Old Son

Keyvan Shovir is an Iranian bogus refugee living in Walnut Greek, California. Keyvan is a brutal sexual predator who has raped my 14 years old son. My son’s life is ruined for the rest of his life. He can’t get over this traumatic event. He is extremely depressed and his psychologist has warned us about him because he is at the constant risk of harming himself. Keyvan has given my son sexually transmitted disease.

It’s obvious from Keyvan’s picture; this guy is constantly on drugs. We have intelligence that Keyvan and his so-called wife are active members of of San Francisco “Swinger Club”. They basically meet other couples and swap partners for sex. We also have gathered that apart from having sex with underage boys, Keyvan suffers from cuckoldry fetish. He enjoys watching his wife having sex with several strange men at the same time. In the club, they are one of the very few couples that accept single men. They usually attend orgy and gang-

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Keyvan Heydari Shovir

Keyvan Shovir A Hippie Artist or a Crooked Forgery Professional Walknut Creek California

There is uproar across the Internet, in Facebook forums and chats, as well as Medium comments. The drama has continued all day regarding the new allegations against Iranian scam-artist Keyvan Shovir.

We sat shocked, unsure what to say or think as it appeared Keyvan is running an undercover forgery document business from home. Shovir then claimed she was by the police under several allegations including sexually exploiting a minor.

We are Anonymous; and we are here to disclose the truth about Keyvan Shovir. We can confirm that he is a criminal who has broken the law on many felonies; including sexual harassment, document forgery, online theft, immigration and welfare fraud.

Our group has collected some more information about Keyvan and we want to warn everyone else potentially might become a victim of his criminal activities. [continued below]....

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