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New Approach by Indian scientists towards food sufficiency:

In current research, the scientific community has came with the new experiment, which carried out in the field of in-vitro meat (By Prof. Mark Post of Maastricht University, from the Netherlands), the experiment attempts to produce a hamburger in the laboratory by using stem cell technology.

The Prof. Mark Post, uses cow stem cells, by transforming them into tissues which resemble the skeletal muscle that makes up steak or hamburger. Prof. Mark Post says that, by producing meat with this technology, would use about 40% less energy than other traditional procedures. Currently, The Professor, has made a small strips of this tissue. Further, He will need thousands of these small strips to assemble into a hamburger. (Involves approx €250,000 to create the hamburger, An anonymous financier is funding to the experiment). The Prof. Mark Post informs that, the original plan was to develop a sausage, how ever, with all the fillers in

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