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Healthcare In India

Challenges and Prospects of Healthcare in India

The healthcare sector in India is projected to grow about 30 % per arum in coming years, Fastest growing industry in India, accounting roughly 6% of GDP and becoming a lucrative career space in India. Reasonably Recession Proof due to growing domestic demand.

A fast developing economy, increased Monthly Household Income and raised urbanization have been instrumental in spreading the affordability net of average Indian. In present environment patients are demanding for value and quality healthcare services for their money.

Economy, demography and Industry:

Indian economy - average annual growth rate over the past half century

  • during the 50s, 60s and 70s - 3.5%
  • during the 80s - 5.7%
  • during 1990-2005 - 6.0%
  • during 2005-06 (9.4%), 2006-07 (9.6%) and 2007-08 (9.0%), averaging 9.3%

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Clear vision of India’s Sluggish Healthcare system

The new National Health Policy is promising, but it needs stronger Centre-State coordination:

The new National Health Policy (2017) released last week presents a clear vision of how India's sluggish health system can be galvanised to deliver health and well-being to all by 2030, to meet the Sustainable Development Goal on health. The real challenge lies in its operational amplification and effective implementation which call for cementing consensus, catalysing commitment and channelling close coordination for steering Centre and the States together to deliver on this vision.

After a gestation period of over two years, that saw extensive public comment and sharp debate within the government, the policy has finally emerged as a well-crafted document that lays the path for Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Though the right to health proposed in the earlier draft has been disappointingly deleted, effective implementation of the various measures proposed in the NHP should place us on the p

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