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Since Alex was a young girl growing up, there isn’t a time her family wasn’t taking in or adopting a new animal into their home. Having grown up with several animals, such as horses, dogs, cats, etc. being around and working with them comes naturally to her! If there is anything that led Alex to work with animals as a professional it was the morning she witnessed a man dropping off and abandoning a puppy on a back road. Alex immediately picked up the puppy and took him home with her, where she made the appropriate vet appointments and accommodations necessary for introducing this puppy into her home. She realized that instead of spending each day behind a desk, devoting her life to animals was much more important to her. Long Island dog trainers

Aside from researching about different dog training techniques, Alex was also put through the same training technique that is carried out by the military when training their K9’s, and learned how to work with dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages

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We provide proficient dog trainers gor improving your dog behavior in New York. For more details Call us at 888-413-0896 and email at and Dog trainers Long Island

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