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Commercial Bed Bug Killer

Dr Greengood Commercial Bed Bug Preventative 1 Qt Bottle

All of Dr. Greengood’s products are technically a pesticide, or also an insecticide if you will, as they are used to kill insects, and of course all ingredients are listed on the EPA’s list of products “Generally Regarded As Safe”.  Now this brings us to the actual meaning of this article’s title; considering the current availability, in the market, of two very different kinds of pesticides; that are both true to their word origin and perform their “cide” function of killing insects. One type of pesticide is a deadly poison and the other is safe and 100% non-toxic to humans and pets. So hence, which “cide” is the right “cide” to be on? We at Dr. Greengood’s do not think there is really much of a choice here.  You can opt to use a poisonous pyrethrinbased insecticide, which may or may not even work, as current research now proves that many strains of insects have developed genetic immunities to these poisons, and further these poisons are dangerous to you your family, your pets and the

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